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The World Must Be Ending! Ramsey Ltd Hits 100!


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As of 5pm (give or take a little) on this date Ramsey LtD :D attained his 100th cache! :lol: Treequest's "Weldon's Up There Somewhere" was the victim :D , uh, I mean, 100th!

Ramsey LtD has weathered it all after taking up geocaching :D - work getting in the way, that pesky Mother Nature, the dreaded "killer" 4"-6" garter snakes, Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, G.O.N.E., putting up with Klizich, being aged over 50......

Well, well done! (not to be confused with "Well Done" cache; he did that earlier in the afternoon!) :lol: ; an event worthy of notice by Kings and Queens of far off lands, beasts of the land and sea to pay homage, Holiday(s) to be named in honor of this great event...................and..................

good luck on many more caches!


:D Way to go, Mark! B)

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:D I am humbled by the praise! Klizich has been my best friend for many years and has encouraged many ventures over the years ... CB radio was NOT one of them, seeing as how he's been licensed as an amateur (Ham) radio operator for as long as I've known him!!! As we have both matured (because we refuse to get older) we felt the need to find new adventures to keep us active. Chasing bad guys has lost its allure after 28 years (almost 31 for Klizich before he retired!) so we decided that a return to Mother Nature and the great outdoors was in order. It was an excellent decision, in my opinion.

I have met a number of great people in my first year of caching and I hope to meet a lot more in the days, months and years to come. TRL. BrianSnat and Treequest, I can but aspire to your level of involvement! I hope to meet many of my compatriots in the field, at events, or here in the etherworld.

Thanks, and, "Cache on, Dude!!" ;)

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Hey, Congrats Mark, Nice to actually get out their in the north Woods with you and Kane and do a little Geocaching......Even if we did have to use our GPS's to find our way back to the car. :blink: Looking forward to joining you on another hunt. Regards, John

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