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San Fran/no. Cal Cacher Needed For Tb Goal Help!


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I have a pair of bugs that we are about send away. We will place one in Georgia & we would like the other to start in California, preferably San Fran (a city the kids have been to in Cali). They are keychains of Victor & Emily from The Corpse Bride. Emily has a skeleton hand attached to her, and Victor has a tiny "gold wedding ring." Their goal will be to end up back together in a cache & then sent back to me when they are. I will prob. offer some prize or reward for the cacher that happens to reunite them.


Is anyone willing to let me mail them one of the pair to place in a No. Cal/San Fran/Monterey cache?


Also, any thoughts on the idea behind the goal? These will be our first ones.



Lori V.


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My only comment would be don't get your hopes up. Your goal is very specific but pretty unlikely to happen. Many people pick up a bug and head out with it only to read the instructions later and find out they have moved it the wrong direction. I had a cache where you had to find three travel bugs in order to get the final cache location. Each travel bug had instructions attached that said to not take it out of the local area. Well it ended up in a Airport cache and from there to parts unknown. While most people try to ensure a bug goes where it should many are careless and there are a few who are just malicious. You might want to locate some bugs online and check their instructions versus what actually happened to them.

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Walts: Yeah, I know it's a very specific goal, but these are $2 keychains... I'm just wanting to see if it ever does happen, and watch the progress of them... which is the reason behind offering a geocaching related prize to the cacher that finally makes it happen... I won't be devastated if "plans" go awry, and to me, MOST of the fun is just watching where they go, anyway! :)


Happy Cachin'!

Lori V.


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I have something similar going with two TB's. I released one in MD and am waiting until he starts moving. The second one will be released in PA with the hopes of catching up with the first one. The first one makes no mention that the 2nd one is looking for him.


Search for mine.....TB...Droopy

You could simply wait until the 1st one gets started.

Cool idea!!!!

HolyCowboys :D

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