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Got Holiday Caching Plans?


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Puget Sound Naval Shipyard shuts down during the week of Christmas so, faced with bags of time off and no family to spend it, with we are heading down to Southern California! It's our Christmas gift to ourselves.


We have tickets to Disneyland, California Adventure and Lego Land. In addition to that we have made arrangements to meet with several Southern California cachers for dinner. Of course we'll do some caching around Los Angeles. How can we go somewhere and not cache?


What are all you you doing for the holidays?

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I'll have this weekend and Monday off, but we work next week.


If it's not raining too hard (or hopefully at all) on Sunday, I may convince my brothers family to do some caching with me. There are a few near his house that I haven't done for that very reason (Forbes Cache being the closest).


Then it's the WSGA-PS Holiday party next Wednesday.


Might be doing a GSAK show-and-tell if schedules can be worked out sometime in the next two weeks too.


That's about it. Happy Holiday's everyone. :lol:

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I'll be caching this weekend (along with other more mundane things), having no holiday to celebrate until Sunday night starts off Hanukkah. On Wednesday, the kids and I go to my mom's in the Sacramento area for some visiting (and caching, of course!) until the 1st. Of course, the following week includes the BrewHaHa, which I wouldn't miss.


Team Maccabee

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I'm not going anywhere this weekend unless it stops raining. It's been positively Noachian.


Actually, I'll probably end up caching Saturday in between last-minute shopping detail, and probably Monday as well. I just hit 400 finds and want to get to 500 before the 1-year anniversary of my first find. I'll need 100 more finds in the next 53 days, which should be easy enough to do assuming I don't wimp out when it rains. :lol:

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I'll take a guess: Noachian - Noach (with a hard gutteral ch) is the Hebrew name for Noah (as in the flood and raining 40 days and 40 nights).


Team Maccabee

Correct, of course. Noachian is also a general term used in geological circles to reference the time in Earth's pre-history when it was being banged constantly by infalling debris. I just use it to mean, "too much junk falling from the sky."

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I paln to spend either Friday or Saturday trekking on up to the Crack of the Gods to do some cache maintenance and to place another cache in the area. It's such a same to hike in so far for just one cache.


Anyway I am placing this and it will be active the day of my Get Some Crack event cache on 14 January.

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