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Food Tb's


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I've never seen a TB with a recipe attached it's a neat idea. We're getting ready to launch some TB's so maybe I'll find my favorite recipe to attach.


You may want to edit your post to remove the TB tracking number. Most TB owners go to great lengths to make sure photos of their TB have the tracking number hidden so people can't log the TB unless they actually have the TB.


Replace the number with the name of the TB instead. I think you can search for a bug by it's name.

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You know, I've seen a poetry journal TB , in which you need to write a poem before moving it on.  It would be fun to start a geocaching recipe book TB, where everyone adds a recipe before passing it on.


Team Maccabee

Good idea, I just can't believe someone hasn't already done it.


Yep, a search on 'recipe' pulls up fourteen. I haven't checked them all but most are collecting them.

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