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just started using gsack.... :laughing: and am having a difficulty in entering co-ord...lat and long for and arc/ poly query....need to set two waypoints...to do search...nothing workin....keep getting " need minimum 2 waypoint message ""


i would appreciate any help w/ learning the nuances of the program...and expediate the progress in my learning curve.ie creating a cache search route... :laughing:



The Caveguru

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We have two GSAK help files on our OGA web site so far that might help.


One for ARCS/ROUTES and one for POLY. There are instructions on how to create ARC filters.


The Filters we have are only in Ontario, but it might help to see the format


OGA's Service Library


See Section 6 for the PDF help files for GSAK


:P The Blue Quasar


GSAK is the official GPX/LOC file management program of the Ontario Geocaching Association.


GSAK is available from GSAK Homepage

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Yup, using GPS Babel "straight up" works too but some of us like the extra-gooey ..er.. GUI interface that GSAK provides. If you read the manual on the OGA site it says:

"... if you are a user of Mapsource (or Mapsend) these programs can do all the work for you. I will show an example using Mapsource but the principle is the same when using Mapsend."


I can certainly work up a Mapsend tutorial for the filters if anyone needed it.


For those who love GSAK like I do, these filters are great! A couple of clicks and they're installed permanently and if you're using CacheMate then sorting your categories just got even easier. Now if I could find a filter to sort out my house and office files as easily, life would be good.


Best of whatever season you are celebrating or not to you and your family.

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I can certainly work up a Mapsend tutorial for the filters if anyone needed it.


Any mapping program works as long as you can extract the coordinates. I've used Mapsend, Streets & Trips, Fugawi/Softmap. Some are more manual than others but they all work. In fact the SW Ontario filters on the OGA site used Fugawi/Softmap as it shows the clearest region boundaries. It comes down to what you have and what you want to do.


It would be good to have some major Ontario highway filters on the OGA site - I have the 402/401 somewhere - maybe someone already has a complete collection they could make available.


And seasons greets and happy caching from here too :o

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t would be good to have some major Ontario highway filters on the OGA site - I have the 402/401 somewhere - maybe someone already has a complete collection they could make available.


Funny you should say that Tony! There is a new file on OGA of the "Entire 401 across Ontario". I'm sure there are others in the works. If anyone has one to contribute, please let us know and I'm sure BQ and Logger would be interested.

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I added the 403 and QEW to our list on the OGA Site.


I also have 400 and 402 completed but not posted, since I didn't know if they would be of any use.


I will get those up soon too.


All of the ARC Files on the OGA Site were created by hand (as in I used 'pushpins' in Mapsource, then saved the points as a MPS file) and I reviewed them in Streets and Trips 2005. The data wasn't an exact match but close enough to be useful.


So the ARCs are rough, but close enough for filter use.


Some of the 400 series of highways are pretty short, or unusable in my opinion for filters in my opinion compared to what a Point Filter would accomplish.


The other thing is that the ARC's comprise the entire highway, and do not have points related to major interchanges (ie. the 401 ARC might not have a point at the 400 junction)


For those that are planning on travelling, the best method is still to use Mapsource/Mapsend to create custom routes and covert to Filter Data, as recommended in our OGA file for Creating a Route for GSAK, or altenative methods of your own choosing.


I'll look into a S&T option as well. I often take our FILTER Files and use S&T to see the location of the points (pushpins).


In S&T.. DATA>Import Data Wizard

Navigate to the file of coordinates

Select "Comma", then NEXT



Click FINISH and the pushpins will stick on the map.


:) The Blue Quasar

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Added the ARC files for 400, 402


The OGA Site has ARC's for the 400, 401, 402, 403 and QEW. I will make more over the next week or so. Let me know if there is a highway that you would like to see added by emailing me at admin@ontgeocaching.com


OGA Service Library is the location of these ARC Filters and other files too.


These can be found in Section 5, and the files in Section 6 will help you use them with GSAK


:) The Blue Quasar

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Thanks for the tip PDOP's - I hadn't noticed that.  That certainly makes S&T an excellent option since I never did figure out a good way to get it to export a csv file.  GSAK and GPS Babel get better and better  :P

One important thing to note is that route generated by Streets & Trips is not stored in the .est file but is recalculated each time the file is opened. The .est file only contains route points (pushpins) for the start and end points as well as any stops you add.


You'll need to add as many stops as required to accurately define the twists turns along your route as the arc filter assumes straight lines between the points. More on this here.


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Thanks PDOP's your web-site is very helpful. I did get a chance to play and found that the S&T method is not just restricted to caches along a route. If you define a polygon with pushpins and save it as an .est file you can load the file into GSAK and use it as a filter to find all the caches within the polygon. The one requirement is that you do have to add each of the pushpins to a route even if the route isn't meaningful (some of my pushpins were out in Lake Huron). It appears that GSAK won't access the pushpins unless they've been added to a route.


Interestingly if you add to the polygon using pushpins they aren't restricted to roads. If you use the "add a stop" method by dragging on a route segment they snap to the nearest road.

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Just had a peek at the file it creates and noticed that it creates coordinates to 14 decimal places :o<_< Keith what are your plans for this page? Will it be open to all comers or will you be restricting access?


If it were possible it would be nice to customize the map to open at a user defined location.

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