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Hobbies: Why Not List Geocaching?

Iowa Tom

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Just a thought to share. I find it kind of funny that a lot of people don’t put geocaching as a hobby on their profile page. I suppose geocaching as a hobby should simply be understood so it doesn’t need to be mentioned. Putting it there followed by an exclamation mark does add a special punch however. Until today I didn’t realize that I hadn’t put it on my profile page either! :laughing:


I wish that there was a way to electronically sort geocachers by what nongeocaching hobbies and interests they have; interests being the things a person would like to do but don’t have time to make into a real hobby. Like I sure do wish I had the time to paint pictures of iridescent beetles! - I once did India ink illustrations of mites for a booklet called Mites of Hawaii. Any bug enthusiasts out there? :huh:


I suppose a hobby/interest search would only be possible if there were a list of hobbies or interests to choose from and click on. I’m thinking that people like myself that regularly get kicks out of watching iridium flares or satellites like the Space Station (etc.) cruising over head are far and few between. Not a real hot topic at too many parties. :laughing:


I enjoy glancing at profiles and always scan for certain words like nature photography and so on. I suspect I may never find another geocacher that takes pictures for stereo viewing. Oh well. I plan to make a 3D cache soon. Been doing stereo photography since 1969 or so. Whenever I show my surreal 3D images (taken using the Lilliputian effect) the observers always stare and stare and stare, or should I say, scan and scan? I tell them, you are not just going to see this image, you are going to experience it, and they do!


I am thankful for the profile pages. They are fun to peruse.


Merry Christmas!



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Iowa Tom, something you said in another topic a few days ago prompted me to examine your profile. I had never heard of kite photography before (I don't get out much) so I Googled it and, oh my! That sounds really cool!


Any way, I enjoy checking out people's profiles (not stalking, that is against the guidelines); it's a big world and there's lots to be learned out there. I think an interesting hobby could simply be exploring what are other people's hobbies. Kind of a research thing.


Since our profiles appear in a geocaching site, I think it is safe to assume that, for most of us, geocaching is a hobby. I'm glad you started this topic assuming that geocaching is a hobby and not a sport or a game. :laughing::laughing:

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Just a thought to share. I find it kind of funny that a lot of people don’t put geocaching as a hobby on their profile page. r]

On the profile update page for hobbies, it says:

"Any hobbies other than geocaching? Share them here."


Don't take this as a put-down, but it may be a reason that people don't list geocaching as a hobby. I also enjoy reading profiles, BTW.

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