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Dnf Geocoin And Geopin Pre-order


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Final artwork:


Black Nickel sample photos:


Gold sample photos: REMOVED because people keep trying to order them!

Here is a sampe photo of the 1" pin:


You can click on the images to see the full sized image we received.


Mystery Ink and I were talking about what to do about the DNF pre-order at our coin club meeting last night. Here's what we came up with. I know it's a change from the original posting, but since we haven't taken any money yet, we figured it was okay. We are going to honor ALL of the LE requests in the Original DNF geocoin thread, which comes out to something around 100. Mystery Ink will also mint some extra LEs for trade but no more LEs will be sold.


We didn't see any reason to limit the DNF standard edition so we are opening up orders for the standard edition until Christmas Eve, when we will get a final count and send that info off to the minter. You can add to your original order from the other thread, if you wish. It's $5 each for the standard edition. For orders over 10 coins, there will be a shipping discount.


Also, we are minting 1" pins and offering them for just $1 each (that's pretty close to the cost). They are die-struck pins of just the frowny face and will fit just fine in film can sized micro caches. If you already posted a pre-order in the other thread, you can place an order for pins here and we will add it to your geocoin order from the other thread.


We will be submitting the final count to the minters on the 25th or 26th, so it will be about 3 weeks or so from then when we will receive the geocoins and can begin sending them out. Please post your orders to this thread and not via e-mail.

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Will those be trackable on gc.com??? <_<

This was discussed in the original thread, but no, they won't be trackable on geocaching.com. We were going for something that was numbered, but wanted to keep the price down. I'm probably going to add them to my geocoin.net tracking site if anyone is interested in tracking them.



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Is this the final design? Was there any other ideas submitted?

This is the final design, yes. It went through a handful of revisions between Mystery Ink and I and the minter. The pin will be just the frowny face with no text. We should have photo samples today or tomorrow and I'll post them to this thread.



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Hi Marky, nice coin samples! :huh:


What's about your statement in the first DNF Geocoin thread:

I think we were looking at $5 for the standard and $6 for the LE (that includes shipping, but not insurance).


If the price is the same, i'm interested in 4 coins! :laughing:

Yes, that's the price we ended up with. There are no LE's being sold as they are sold out. The standard edition is $5, unless you order more than 10, then you'll get a break on shipping. :laughing:



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