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Found Caches In Pocket Queries.


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I was just looking at my all finds query in ExpertGPS and noticed something odd. Of the two webcam caches I have found, one that was found on 5/7/2003 has a type of "Geocache|Webcam Cache|Found" and uses the "Geocache Found" symbol, and one that I found on 10/30/2005 has type "Geocache|Webcam Cache" as the type and uses the "Geocache" symbol.


I also noticed the same thing with the events where one of the six event caches I attended were marked "found" and the other five were not.


Now I can see some arguing that you don't really find a webcam or an event but IMO, "Found" is the universal synonym for "Cache completed" and they should all act the same way.

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But "Found" is a universal value. If you create a PQ for Webcam caches that "you have found", it shows all the webcams you have recently found. They show up in your "My Finds" query. Why would anybody want to see a list of all the caches they have found and not see the webcams and events.


I feel strongly that when they show up in a gpx file they should use the "Geocache Found" symbol and should have "|Found" in the type. Now if we want to add "|Attended" or "|Photo Taken" to the type that may be ok but under no circumstances should the symbol and type be the same as those that were not found.

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This is still a problem. I really think it should be fixed.

I think you can fix the events yourself. I was having discrepencies in my "found" counts and traced it to events being logged as found/attended. I changed all my events to attended and my counts were good after that. I assume you can do the same with the webcams. I realize you still think this is a bug that needs to be fixed, I am suggesting a manual fix for the time being.

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I don't have as much of a problem with events, as they are usually archived not long after they occur. But webcams are another matter. In the GPX file the values for <sym> tag and <type> tag do not change when a webcam is found while they do change for traditional caches. The only way to tell that a webcam is found from a GPX file is to interrogate the log files which most programs don't do. At a minimum the value of the <sym> tag should be <sym>Geocache Found</sym> and <type> tag should have "|photo taken" or "|Attended" added to it, but adding "|Found" to it would be much more useful as that's what the current software understands.


I usually combine GPX files of all caches in my area (found and unfound) into ExpertGPS to produce a map where I can see where I have and have not found caches, these caches show up incorrectly as unfound .

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