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First Modernized Gps Satellite Operational


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I believe it will show as #17



edit: P.S. There seems to be some discrepency between the news report and the status page. It doesn't quote anyone from the program as declaring it "operational" and the USNO's status page says it is "usable" and scheduled to become opertional in 2006. Of course all this information is exquisitely useless to us since none of us has equipment to receive the L2 signal and won't for probably a couple of years. :blink:

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I asked Garmin if the new bird would appear on my 60c; here is the response:


"Yes - this will appear just like any other GPS satellite and is fully compatible with the existing system. I am not sure what it's PRN is (the article doesn't mention it either) but it will be in the 1-32 range along with the others".

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it showing up yet for anybody?????????


I figured I check on the way home and I picked it up. I'm in Pittsburgh,PA and I had full strength , but it was showing it was SE from me and on the outer ring, which is supposed to be the horizon on my Vista C.


Probably won't be any use to those in the mid west and west coast.

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Is this sat useful for current navigation (for civilians) as of now, or do I get the hint it will only work with the new sat system and updated receivers?

It'll work with the current receivers. :(

It is my understanding that although it will work with current receivers, the new civilian duel band function will not work without new receiver that are designed to do that.


So yes and no.

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It works!!!


Excerpt from almanac:


**** Week 330 almanac for PRN-17 ************
ID:                         17
Health:                     0           ( 0 = OK; -1 = Fail)
Eccentricity:                1.71804428100586E-0003
Time of Applicability(s):   2.33472000000000E+0005
Orbital Inclination(rad):    9.60166513919830E-0001
Rate of Right Ascen(r/s):  -7.88604292978334E-0009
SQRT(A) (m^1/2):            5.15357666015625E+0003
Right Ascen at TOA(rad):    2.13981890678406E+0000
Argument of Perigee(rad):   2.67461872100830E+0000
Mean Anom(rad):            -2.42093992233276E+0000
Af0(s):                      4.76837158203125E-0006
Af1(s/s):                    1.09139364212751E-0011
week:                       330

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