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Does Anyone Know A Geocacher Named "krew"?


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Our "Postal Bear" TB went missing on it's first find, but what makes it more concerning is that the geocacher who picked it up ("Krew") appears to have a total of **42** some-odd TB's attached to his account, dating back to last summer. I've tried emailing him but have received no response, any ideas on next steps?

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I have had some limited contact with him. I was living in the south end but has receintly moved to Germany and will be there for 3 years. I don't have much more info than that sorry. The e-mail address I have for him is a comcast address so I'm pretty sure that it is not a valid address any more. If you would like it anyway e-mail me and I will send it to you.

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Regarding "KREW", formerly of Tacoma, WA.


In October he came up to Bremerton to pick-up my "Lamborghini Murcielago" TB(destination: Italy) and two others from The Seabeck Tribe(destination: Germany).


At that time he was involved with packing his belongings for shipment, selling his home in Tacoma and shipping his vehicle to Germany. He was scheduled to be in Germany on or about November 15.


He said that his car would arrive about two weeks to a month after his arrival. Therefore, he should already be in Germany. Whether he has his car or not is another matter of which I am not aware. After Christmas, he plans to travel to Italy and enjoy the New Year with an old army buddy who is living in or around the Rome area. He is suppose to drop-off my TB somewhere in Italy, so it can travel to a cache near the Lamborghini plant.


He told me the above time frame, so I would know what the delays would be for my TB placement. However, I was unaware that he had collected so many TBs.


Please don't ask me to be your message conduit. I have too many other things to take care of. I have not had E-Mail communications with him since October. If I hear from him or my TB gets placed, then I'll know what's going on.


Interestingly enough, TravelingViking has already gone from Germany to Seattle and back to Germany, taking lots of TBs with him, to include one of my TBs, which is already on the move over there. I wish I had waited a few weeks and passed on my Lamborghini TB to him instead.


I just hope that he keeps his word.



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Thanks Landrover & Fledermaus for your responses. In looking at Krew's Groundspeak profile, he last made a visit on 12/14/05 (even though his last cache log was 10/10/05). So I'm assuming his profile email is current and that he would have (or soon will have) gotten my message. Perhaps he was just hoarding the TB's to give them a big trip to Europe?


Groundspeak has been alerted as well, and they have sent a message also.

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I'm curious, how do you find out how many TB's a person has? Is there a link somewhere I'm not seeing that lists the ones he currently has?

Well if I am correct you have 5 TB's in your posession.


I went to your profile, looked under the TB section and scrolled thru each page looking for ones "in the hands of The Jester"


Thats the only way I know of.

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UPDATE 12/27/05: Regarding "KREW"


I received the following message from "KREW" today. That message is as follows:


Dear Fledermaus,


Thanks for letting me know about the concerns of the Travel Bug owners. I have had very little access to the internet and email but am having the internet connected at my residence on January 5. I should be able to respond to all the TB owners within a few days after that time.


I'm hoping to be able to release all of the TB's that I have by the end of January.


*** This portion of the message has been deleted for personal reasons ***






I hope this will resolve any questions you may have regarding your TBs and their disposition at this time. I will keep you updated, as needed, of any future changes.




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