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What Book On Geocaching Do You Recommend?

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I think 99 percent of us learned by doing. A check of Amazon.com will show you a few books. I can't make a personal recommendation since I haven't read any, but the Complete Idiots Guide to geocaching was put together with the help of the people who run this website and had 3 of 3 positive reviews on Amazon.com.

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How to find a Geocache is far less important then ones like "Land Navigation Handbook: The Sierra Club Guide to Map and Compass", or many deep wood survival books.


You might not realize how a one mile trek, especially when you or someone else is injuried, can become a fight for survival.


Unlikely? Well sure, but you wanted to learn how to go geocaching right? Or were you just planning on doing Walmart caches?

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The Idiot's Guide is pretty cool. The Essential Guide is also useful. You might also look at The Complete Guide to Geocaching DVD. It has the added benefit of being interesting to geocachers even after you've passed the newbie stage because of the interviews and it's entertaining to watch. And, if you order it tonight or tomorrow (maybe even Wednesday), it should arrive in time for Christmas.* :lol:


- Seth!


*If you have it shipped Priority Mail. Disclaimer: I produced the DVD so I'm biased.

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The Essential Guide to Geocaching was a nice read, but it wasn't really needed, it's easiest to learn with a friend and some of the basic info here on the site.


It did however offer some good ideas on hiding geocaches and what to include, etc, which I hope to do in the near future (read: when the snow is gone and I'm not in class), so I do think it's worth the money.

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I like Geocaching: Hike and Seek with Your GPS, but I'm partial.  Necessity?  Nah.

Got to agree with this one. It does have good sections on geocaching but what sets it apart for me is the sections on environmental saftey and how to prepare to be in nature. It has sections on recognizing the effects of extreme heat and cold (not always easy to tell or react to), and issues with weather, poisonous plants, animals etc. Great way to learn about hazards that aren't obvious if you don't know about them. If you don't have a lot of experience with hiking (and geocaching involves hiking afterall) this is a good place to start!



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I'd also say skip the books. If you ever have any questions or concerns, just come back to this message board. It has all the information that I've ever needed.

In terms of finding the cache I would agree with you, but after my 40 years of trekking through the woods (some of them professionally) my biggest concern is people's understandings of the hazards of nature.


I have met new geocachers in the woods who are woefully unprepared to be there, often suffering symptoms of heat exhaustion, dehydration, or early stages of hypothermia. Beyond that they have no idea how to get themselves out of trouble.


Just about 2 months ago I came across a group of 5 people who had no idea they were being rescued. They were totally lost (they thought they knew exactly where they were but didn't) and about to head off in the completely wrong direction toward where they thought they parked their car, even though they had a GPS. No water, no food, inappropriate clothing. It was dangerous, if they had gone of in the direction they wanted to they would have gotten even more lost. A little basic knowledge would have prevented that and a book such a Geocaching Hide and Seek with your GPS can help with that. So I would recommend getting knowledge prior to getting in trouble not after.



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