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The Mrs' Garmin 60c Goes In Circles

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I figured you would be the guy with the answer.




Thought of another question....


Where are the tide charts in this thing hiding? We found them once, and haven't been able to:


A) remember how we did that.


2) find them since we put detailed maps into the thing.

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Also check the speed filter setting in the marine settings page from main setup menu. It defaults to auto, but if you've changed it to something else wondering what it did (like I did,) the random drift of the GPS can cause the heading to change unpredicably, which can get really annoying when using track up. :rolleyes:

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The tide info is part of the map data that comes with the unit. Once you load user maps, the tide data is erased. You download it for free from the Garmin site, and then reload it when you load maps. To do so, you have to select the tide data with the map selection tool in addition to any other maps you want to load.


More details (and a link to the data) in question 2 of the Miscellaneous Section of the FAQ.

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The 60C determines direction by measuring your change in location. When you stop moving, the pointer function doesnt have enough information to know its direction. To keep the map from spinning, you can change it from "direction up" to "north up." More in question 3 of the Maps Section of the FAQ.

Changing the orientation from "north up" to "track up" does nothing to stop the "spinning". It will spin to try and maintain both track up and north up when the problem occurs. I've had this happen several times and a master reset was the cure. There probably is an internal logic that decides when a series of track points actually represents a "real" directional movement as opposed to the normal variations in track points due to accuracy error. Don't know what causes it to happen but it's not the standard minor rotation or variance you see when standing still......it's acutually "spinning" in circles continuously.

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