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My New Pocket Pc Software


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I haven't been into GCing all that long and I don't know anyone in my area that caches with a pocket pc SO...


I've written a Pocket PC app that I do paperless caching with, but I've only tested it on my Dell Axim x50. I want to find out what issues there are with others, so I'm running myself a little beta program here. If you'd like to help me out, let me know what kind of hardware you have.


I called the application Smache (Cache, except with an 'SM' :anibad:). It is meant to be a complete solution, everything I need, right there on my PDA. So it keeps a SQL CE database of caches along with accumulating logs, travelbugs, and your cache visits. It provides location filters as well as context filters. It has GPS and close proximity navigation support (So I can get right on top of the cache, or see exactly what kind of signal error I'm getting). It also includes a bunch of tools like a hint encrypter/decrypter, lat/long distance calculator, and lat/long format conversion. All I need to do is grab my PQs from my e-mail on my PDA or copy them from my PC and import them. I currently keep the caches for the state of Florida (over 9000) up to date on my storage card and my app can work with them with no problem.


It requires the .NET compact framework, which comes on WM2003. Not sure about 2002.

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I've got an Ipaq 2795 coming (runs WM5), so I'd definitely be willing to help test. I'm getting a GPS card for it too, so I can also help with that end. I'll probably be getting it in early January, as it's backordered now.


But I do have an Ipaq 3900 running WM 2003 that I can test with right now. Is your software available for download anywhere?

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Is it Compact Framework 1.0 or 2.0?


If 2.0, it will work on 2003 and above, but needs to be installed.


If 1.0, it can be installed on Pocket PC 2002 and even Pocket PC. In my experience, SQL CE doesn't seem to work quite as well on 2002.


SQL CE would need to be installed regardless of the platform.


I have found a few helpful beta testers here during the beta program for BackCountry Navigator for Pocket PC. They've found some important issues, and we have enough suggestions to keep us busy for a while.

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Have a look at CacheWolf: here


Dokumentation is underway.

The app is written in EWE (java like thing) and is freeware. Just import a GPX file and you are ready to go. CacheWolf syncs spoiler pics if you have a conection to the internet.


@gcslim: if you have not really advanced very much with the software might I be able to coerce you to join the team? At the moment it consists of two programmers. Why have I not yet made it really public internationally? Well it still uses "km" and for it to become attractive in the states we would have to programm "miles", which shouldn't be a problem. The next version will have a moving map and digital compas giving you a "goto" functionality that will direct you to a cache (of course only if you have PPC with attached GPSr).

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I have a Dell Axim X51v and am currently running GPS Tuner. One thing that I am looking for is more Datrum options. Currently it only supports WGS84. I would like support for NAD83 so that I can use The National Map. I can help you if you need it. Just let me know.

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gcslim: if you have not really advanced very much with the software might I be able to coerce you to join the team?

The application sounds interesting, but if I picked up another project my wife would kick my :( !



Currently it only supports WGS84. I would like support for NAD83 so that I can use The National Map.

I haven't ever used GPSTuner, but is it actually looking at a coordinate system before letting you import data? If it is just difference in coordinate location you are worried about, WGS84 and NAD83 are so close to the same that normal error for surveys are larger than the difference (a meter or so, according to the National Geodetic Survey, NOAA). Scientific paper on the subject by Charles Schwarz of NGS

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So far on WM 5 on my Axim X51 the software seems to running okay. One thing that I do like over GPS Tuner is the description of the cache in one program. No switching to Mobipocket to read about the cache. I will be giving it a workout over the next five days while I travel from PA to MA and collecting caches along the way both ways. I will post back my findings mid next week. Thanks for the link about the NAD83 and WGS84.

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There are just a few things that I found out that wouls make it easier to use. Now that I am in MA, the signal/position function needs a way to copy the lat/long cords. to the location 1 postion and to the navigation screen. Also it would be nice to be able to run the filter with your current position, with the closet cache being listed first and going out from there. Since I do a bit a travel for work, this feature would make it much easier to hit caches along the way, by just finding your current location and filtering from there.


Just my thoughts so far. Will be out on Saturday finding a few caches.

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I normally use GpxSonar and Mapopolis, but I would be willing to try something that replaces GpxSonar. Recently it mysteriously deleted my notes after finding more than 50 caches in a day. I use a PPc 6600 which runs WM 2003. Let me know if you are still looking for testers on other hardware. I have other PocketPc's as well.

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An updated version of Smache is out on the web ready for download. The main update is that the new version has help files. They can be accessed through the main menu in Smache now. Several bugs were also fixed.


You can also read the help files with screenshots on the beta web page. Thanks all for your help! Please, continue the great feedback!


Contact me for the link.

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