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Garmin Gps-12 Vs Garmin 76


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I'd start by clicking here and then clicking on "Product Comparison" Click on the 12 and the 76 and look at them side-by-side.


It looks like the 76 has 1 MB of memory for points of interest, and is WAAS enabled. Also, it has a 4 gray scale screen instead of B&W, and appears to have better screen resolution.


The 12 is a brick. It is probably the the sturdiest GPS Garmin makes. That also makes it a bit cluky. The 76 is more like a graphing pocket calculator. It is plenty durable for caching, and may be a bit easier to carry.


Just my $.02

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Q1. What differences are there between the Garmin GPS 12(no letters) and the Garmin 76(no letters).


Q2. Is a Garmin 76(no letter) worth $50 to $60? I own the GPS-12 and a friend wants to selling his spare 76?


Q3. Do the power and computers cable interchange?

I have a 12 and a (MAP)76.

The 12 is a great older unit. The car power cable is not interchangable but the data cable to the computer is.

The 76 has a great tide graphing capablity.

on the 12 and the standard 76, no maps.

Newer is usually better however I would just use the 12 till you can get a mapping unit.

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