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What's Happened To Team Ullium?

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Team Ullium aka Bill & Angela Hemphill, are frequent visitors to the forums, or at least Bill was.


As many people may have noticed Bill hasn't been on the forums for a few months, and when he has it has been very briefly.


Bill went into hospital around about March 2005 to have an operation on his back, which wasn't a great success, but it wasn't long after he came out of hospital that he started experiencing bad stomach pains. It took the doctors a few months to diagnose what was wrong with him. It has sadly turned out that Bill has cancer of the gullet and bowel, but by the time it was found, it had spread to several other parts of his body.


There is virtually nothing that the doctors can do for him, and his condition is deteriorating on a daily basis.


Despite his condition, Bill is still in his usual manner and is able to keep in good spirits.


Bill regards many people that he has met through Geocaching to be friends, but sadly he hasn't got contact numbers for all of them.

He has gave me his blessing to inform the community about his absence, and with his ongoing permission I will keep everyone up to date.


Bill & Angela, our thoughts are with you.


Edit: To post a recent picture of Bill & Angela



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I heard just a few minutes before reading this thread. That's bad news indeed indeed. Bill and I have met on several occasions, had long conversations and sunk more than a pint or two of beer. We discovered that we have more in common than just geocaching. A nicer guy you couldn't wish to meet. My thoughts are with you and Angela, Bill.

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Thanks for posting the news, HH.

Having introduced Bill to geocaching last year, and having had the privilege of meeting him and Angela in January, I was very sorry to hear the bad news a few weeks ago. Hopefully he'll be strong enough to manage a load more geocaches in the time he has left - I always keep an eye on Team Ullium's progress, not least because of Bill's excellent and highly entertaining cache logs!



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That is sad news. I have plenty of personal experience, as I am sure many of us have, of this dreadful disease. Whatever Bill needs whether it be space, company or caching I am sure there are the folks around to do it.


I have missed Bill from the forums - an acid wit often misunderstood by me for one made for some colourful exchanges in the forums.


For those who are in touch with him please pass on my very best wishes.



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Oh that's a huge shame :unsure:. I was fortunate enough to cache with Bill and Angela at the cache at the base of Ben Nevis called "Waterfall and Ruin" last year. It was a chance meeting, but we all hiked together to the cache. He's a top bloke, a very interesting character! Please pass on my kindest regards to both him and Angela.



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Sincere regards from me and all at geocachingireland.com as well. I knew Bill from the 'old' Scottish forum and from e-mail exchanges. My girlfriend's father passed away from Bowel Cancer last year and like Simon and others know only too well how difficult this time must be. Best wishes to him and Angela.

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It's about time that everyone got a bit of an update.


On Saturday Billy Twigger went round to Bill's house after the SGDO, here is what he wrote -


I called in on Bill and Angela on my way home to hand in the card that everyone signed at the SGDO. Bill was awake and I was able to just sit with him for a while. He's suffering terribly, but despite that was keen to hear how everyone was getting on. He didn’t once complain about his predicament, but instead talked about how lucky he was that he had so many friends and wanted to hear about everyone’s geocaching exploits. (The only thing that he was sorry about was that he didn’t have another couple of months to do the 15 caches needed to get him up to 400!)


Angela is hoping that he'll be accepted into the Prince and Princes of Wales Hospice early next week.  If he can go in, they may be able to manage his pain more effectively and make Bill more comfortable and at the same time take the weight off Angela’s shoulders. She’s really holding things together wonderfully for Bill.


It’s very difficult to know what to say to someone in Bill or Angela’s situation, but I’m pretty sure that just letting them know that we’re all thinking about them is some comfort.


I got an email off of Angela today, this is what she has said -


Just to let you know that Bill is being taken into the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice tomorrow morning.  I'm waiting for the nurses to come this evening and fit a morphine pump - the doctor thought it best if we had it in place before the trip in the ambulance.  I'm not sure how long he'll be in for or even if he will be allowed home again.


I'm sure the fact that Bill is being accepted into the hospice tomorrow will be a help to him, but also a weight off of Angela's shoulders. Although that doesn't take away how difficult a time this is for her and their family.

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Well I must say that’s very sad news about Bill.


Both myself and Margaret meet Bill and Angela at the Shropshire Camping event in September last year.


I remember he was a bit of a character, and had some great tales to tell.


Here is picture of Bill talking to Mattwaggie about his famous jug travel bug.




Please pass along our best wishes along to Bill and Angela.


Gary and Margaret

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<_< This is very sad news.


After we successfully found 'Ayrport' cache whilst on holiday in Scotland in September 2004, we received a congratulations message from Bill when we returned home which made our day!


Our thoughts are with you both.


Denise & Tim

DTJM, Farnborough

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