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Nano Coin Sample Photos


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We don't have the samples in hand yet, but we got some sample photos back. Look at the difference between the soft enamel finish as compared to the imitation hard enamel. It's good to know the difference, as you really should know which one you are going to go with when designing the art. The imitation hard enamel is nearly flush with the raised metal, and is polished (and as a result, I think the metal is polished somewhat as well).


Imitation Hard Enamel Front - Antique Silver



Soft Enamel Front - Antique Silver



Imitation Hard Enamel Front - Antique Bronze



Back - Antique Silver



Back - Antique Gold



We are leaning towards the Antique Silver, as it makes the nano cache look more realistic to us.


Just a reminder, these are going to be just for trade. I'll put up a coin edition over on cointracking.com when I get the coins in hand to help keep track of the trades. :unsure:



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So you're leaning towards the antiques silver, but hard or soft enamel?


I'll put up a coin edition over on cointracking.com when I get the coins in hand to help keep track of the trades.


When you get them in ping me and I'll be at your front door with a box of trading coins in five minutes. :unsure:

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The coin looks beautiful...specially the Soft Enamel Front - Antique Silver version! :unsure:

Can you tell us the size of your coin?

The coin is 1 5/8" (42mm)


The texture is definitely interesting with the soft enamel. I like the way the rocks are kind of 3D. Over all though, I think we like the imitation hard enamel better for this design, so we are going to go with that (of course, we reserve the right to change our minds when we get the actual samples in hand :lol: ) That's what I was refering to in the original post. You can take advantage of how the soft enamel looks and get a 3Dish look out of a 2D die.



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For the touchy-feely types *cough pdxmarathonman cough* the soft enamel is nice. Personally, I think they're both nice. The gold is nice too.


I'd like to trade with you for sure if you're interested.

Hey! I resemble that remark!


I agree, the antique silver, soft enamel looks nice. And looks like it feels nice.

I'm getting worried with all this "feeling" going on in this thread! :anibad:

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What size are these going to be? Did I miss that already?

These are 1 5/8" (42mm) gecoins. I'm also making pins, and the samples are so cute that I may make a run of 1" geocoins out of those dies as well, just because I can! Hey, no die fees and they fit in micro caches! :laughing::huh::laughing:



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We got the samples in our hot little hands last night, and spent about an hour staring at them deciding which we liked best. In the end, we liked the Antique Silver with the imitation hard enamel best, although the soft enamel had a great 3D look to it. I was toying with the idea of making some of each but Joani thought that sounded too confusing, so we ended up deciding to go with the hard enamel only. We will make 400 of the Antique Silver because it looks the best, and 100 Antique Bronze because everyone likes LE versions. :laughing:



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Well, we had pins done of each side. When they did up the samples, they minted them 2mm instead of the standard 1mm, but they look really cool that way (more like coins) so we ordered 300 2mm pins of the front design and 300 2mm pins of the back design. Since they look so much like coins at the 2mm thickness, it got me to thinking. Since both dies were already done, couldn't they just use both dies to make a 1" coin? Sure enough, they could! So we are having 300 of those made as well! As far as the normal sized coins go, we ended up with a 350/150 split. It will take approximately 2 weeks to mint the coins/pins and then ?? days for them to arrive. Are they here yet?



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We finally caught up with the trades we had made before the coins arrived, so we posted coin editions on cointracking for the regular and the LE versions of the coins, for trades only. :huh: Still trying to get caught up on all the e-mail that generated and figure out what the best way is to set up trades.


We were out caching this weekend and dropped a lot of the nano pins and micro nano coins in caches. Those turned out so cool that I might just do micro sized (1") coins and pins from now on and forget the bigger ones. For some reason, it's easier for me to "release" the 1" coins into a cache than it is for a 1.5" coin although I don't really know why. :)


I encourage other people to come out with 1" Pin versions of their coins so I can do some trading for ours! :)



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