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Dnf Geocoin


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I'll take a couple as well.  I am assuming that they will not be trackable  lol



These are meant to be cheap swag, so we didn't think adding the tracking was worth it. :)


I'm planning on leaving them on the ground when I have a DNF. :lol:



If you are still interested Bambi let me know.


Ooops! Dummy!!! Didn't read all that properly! Put us down for two then! Thanks!!



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On a side note: We are having 1" pins made up so we could have something that would fit in film can sized caches. They'll just be the frowny face art. Mystery Ink and I are splitting an order of 300 so we'll each have 150 to leave in local caches. However, there is no reason we couldn't order more (there's no price break until 1000 though). When we get around to figuring out how we want to accept payment, we can also ask if you want any pins at $1 each and we can just tell the them to make more than 300. No need to post how many you want here. For an example of how cool the pins look, here is the photo sample of the 1" pin we are making (same art as the nano coin):


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