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I was wondering about my second issue of Today's Cacher too. I tried Today's Cacher online and the contact us button, but my email was returned with a message that the inbox was too full.


So I went to my paypal account and verified when I sent the funds and I emailed the address listed on my paypal acount. That address happened to be directly to Jerry Carter (President/Publisher). I explained that I paid for a year's subscription, when I paid via paypal, and that I have not received my 2nd issue. He was very nice and I received my 2nd issue yesterday. I originally emailed him on 9 Dec. so not a bad turn around.


Don't get mad or angry, just send a nice email. :)

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Not directed at you Robert. Snoogans said his patience was near an end, I thought he might be getting a bit ticked. So I thought I'd let people know what I did with absolutely wonderful results.


I was under the impression that the second paper issue was mailed a while ago and I hadn't gotten one. That is why I emailed Today's Cacher. If anyone wants to know the email address that got me results just let me know.



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I got my second issue a couple weeks back as well. They have always been a bit disorganized... for the first issue I ordered extra copies and had to write to get them sent to me. The only thing I ever actually read monthly is the Serial Finder story... I'm disapointed that they are behind on publishing by a day as I need to find out what happens this chapter.

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