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Well, I really wanted to foot the bill for this on my own, but that's not going to be possible. So I figuered selling is better than no coin at all....


Here's my preliminary design as sent:







Metal/details are not quite known yet (will be in a few days) Slight changes to the design are possible.


I will be selling these coins at cost..no profits for me!


If you're interested in a coin..please go to cointracking


and add yourself to the list. Once I have the detials, I'll post them and send invoices to the people on the list.


I'm going to have an absolute max of 200 coins made. (and possibly less)


NO MORE THAN 5 COINS /person please! Try and buy more than 5 = no coins for you!


Also, no orders here!




Update! 3 extra coins need buyers! Add your request here!

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ok, details starting to come in.


Coin will be 1.5"

front will be 3-D.


Still not quite sure on total number (100, 150, or 200)


Back will be at least one color. I'd like to split the back colors across the three colors the state uses on trail markers (blue, red, yellow).


Coins should be less then $6 plus $1 shipping. (This depends a bit on how many total I end up ordering.

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ok, I've decided to only sell 100 coins. There will actually be more than that made, (150?) but the rest are for me for trading/caches.


That means that it's basically sold out on coin tracking. Thee will be a *few* leftovers caused by people who are on the list to trade, not buy.


I'll have the exact leftover number in a little while....stay tuned.

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