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For those of you like me who are collecting Geocoins, activating them to get the icon but not releasing them, I have come up with a solution to the problem of having an overfull TB inventory.


I have started using one of my archived caches to store my geocoins in. You can drop them in and if you want to, retrieve them again. No one else sees them and best of all your TB inventory is clear for normal TB use.


I have checked with Lactodorum and he can see no problem with using an archived cache for this purpose. <_<

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i like that idea - both for photos and coins.


Unfortunately, being the owner of one cache, which is still active, I don't have such a luxury. So would our esteemed mods be willing to approve a cache for me, which i can then archive immediately?


If it would help, I could put a description to this effect on the cache page, and it could be an archived geocoin store for anyone to use.



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I don't think the approvers would approve of a few dozen extra caches needing approving just to be archived by coin collectors.


I've just tested coin dropping with an unapproved cache, and it works fine. I dropped my EU coin in an unapproved cache showing in "My account" page and it works the same as if it was approved.


You could always create a cache called "Piggy bank" which you make sure never goes active and it can be your own personal piggy bank for your geocoins :(


Lacto and Ecky... slap me down if I am suggesting anything wrong :wacko:

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That's an ok suggestion for a handful of coins, or if you don't intend to take your collection to meets.


I have 20 odd trackables, and this means that I would need to do twice as many logs. First I would need to pick them up from whoever has them or whatever event they were at. Obviously the drop into an archived cache would only be one entry, but then when I want to drop them in the next meet I would need to individually pick them all up again.


Having them all sat in my inventory is a tad annoying for me, but not as annoying as sitting there for an extra half an hour picking the buggers up again.


The other thing is that I like to delete my pick-ups of my own coins afterwards, as I use the list of TB pick up logs to count for COTM, so I would need to do twice as much deleting.


Is there anyone out there that could write a script to allow the picking up of several TBs at a time?

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