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The Nicest Thing

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Ok, so maybe this doesn't rank up there with a $100 check, but I was amazed at the response I received when I posted on the western NC geocachers bulletin board that I was looking for Tube Torcher companions. Cachers I had never met were ready, willing, and in at least one case able. I wound up having one of the best caching experiences with a new-found friend. :P

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I found my 200th cache just a few days after losing two very good friends to cancer. I think most of the locals knew what I was going through. At our next club meeting the L.E.G.S. crew surprised me with a special 200th find t-shirt. That was great.


When I found my 500th cache, another local had gone to the cache a few days before me and left an envelope with a congrats/birthday card in it and a coupon for a free pizza. That was really cool.


Most of all it's just nice that some people put up with me and are willing to cache with me.....sometimes. :P



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I've had someone do a maint run on a particularly difficult cache of mine. Its in a nasty, tough area that I do not look forward to re-visiting and he was paddling by the next day and offered to check on it for me. He even added some items of his own to refresh the contents The same person checked up on another cache of mine after a few DNFs. Saved me a trip there.


Just yesterday a fellow geocacher gave me a double size .50 cal ammo box. He handed to me after an event saying that he knew I'd put it to good use.


When I was laid off a few years ago, several geocachers asked me for my resume so they could pass it on to their HR depts. At the same time the founder of this website inquired as to my skill set to see if he could throw some consulting work my way. Unfortunately I didn't have the needed skills, but its a gesture I'll never forget.


Actually there have been many nice things. They happen so routinely that I've probably forgotten half.

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I broke my right leg while geocaching back in October and have been laid up in the house unable to drive or walk since then. Somehow, word got around the geocaching community and I received lots and lots of "get well" emails even from people I'd never met!


I've had geocachers offer to bring me on wheelchair accessible geocaching runs or to transport me to an event. Bugeye59 drove over 2 hours to my house to pick up travel bugs I brought from the west coast to New England so they could get to an event.


BomberJohn ~ whom I've never met ~ did all the graphics and weblinks for a geocacher's medical ID card I designed.


One of the most endearing things for me was seeing this:


Travel Bug


I think geocachers are truly wonderful! :rolleyes:

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This is not Geocaching related, but it is angst free.


A while back, while having a really bad day, and figuring that I had nothing to lose, I took the time to help someone out.


Two days ago I found a card tucked in the door of my house. Here is what it said:




It made me smile.

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First I would like to say thanks for starting this thread. There is to much hatred in the world. We all put are pants on the same one leg at a time. Just reading the post brought tears to my eyes. They are all touching! Well I have a some stories I would like to share with you all.


The first one is I have meet a real great friend that has been there and brought motivation and not let me give it up. She set the bar high and said we were going to do this many caches. Well we did and she was there when I hit my milestone. Well one day she was feeling down and I was feeling real bad for her. So the next day I had sent her some flowers. When I received the phone call from her I could tell that I made her day. I felt so glad that I had made her day oh I would do it again if I had to.


Ok for the next one that just happened this weekend. I get an email saying that they are sorry but when they went to retrieve my cache to get the log book that I feel apart in there hands. They said that they put it in a baggy and would be back later to replace it. I emailed them and told them that would be ok that I would take care of it. Well yesterday I get an email saying all taken care of. I will always remember what they have done. I will pass on the help to the next person that needs it.


On a closing note

Membership $30.00

GPSR $150

Making a new friend from this hobby Priceless.

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The Texas-Geofamily members are AWESOME! :rolleyes:


My extended geofamily has done soooo much for me that I couldn't possibly list each one and NOT forget something.....


Although, Hugh Jazz has offered to adopt me when he becomes a billionaire. :lol:


I also have mannnnnny outstanding offers to stay at fellow geocacher's houses all over this country and the world if I'm ever in their area and that's totally cool. B)


Geocaching is only about little boxes of junk in the woods on the surface. Peel back just one layer of the onion and you will see that Geocaching is really about the people who fully participate in the geocaching community. I never met a geocacher that I didn't like. :P

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The local gang of cachers here in my area just threw a party and awarded Golden Ammo Cans full of geo-goodies for some cachers who reached a pretty substantial benchmark in number of caches found . . . it was a good time and an excuse to meet/greet and share some brews.


Took a lot of work to put such a thing together and some personal expense, too. A very nice gesture that encourages all of us to play more, play well and care for others . . . it's one of the reasons the area is so robust in activity & still growing.

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When going to the Clearwater, FL area for job training I started looking for caches and cachers nearby. I had a few hours a night free following class and couldn't really justify renting a car for those few hours. Two cachers in that area replied to my plea for caching partners while there for 2 weeks. I spent many evenings out with the most enjoyable people, sharing laughs and sometimes even tears when we found out we each had recent losses of family. They gave of their time freely and showed me how nice fellow cachers can be in showing me the various styles of hides in their area. Although they got to laugh at me numerous times in places I was looking for the cache. Many thanks to ya Yawuaza Kat and Berg Dad. I also had the pleasure of meeting many other cachers around that area and appreciate them taking the time to go out hunting caches and keeping their laughs to a minimum.

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When I had to take my GPS to Garmin (thats right, I live a couple of miles from the World Headquarters) for repairs, Webscouter let me borrow his GPS until mine was finished. Also, Larry202br let me borrow some software for my home desktop. And CCDawg let me make a copy of his CD that contained many Geocaching programs. This community really is supportive. :rolleyes:

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Not the nicest thing, but the nicest part:

The unquestioned acceptance/camaraderie. He's a geocacher, and he's okay.

Now, I may be an ornery dolphin. But, I've had another cacher come to an event early to bring me a TB I was interested in helping with its goal. Let me grab the TB from a cache that the other cacher had found first. "Let's go caching together." That's what I like the best: the camaraderie.

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This is a great thread. Thanks for starting it. :anitongue:

While attending an event a cachers truck broke down on a rough mountain road. He had to leave his truck miles from civilization and then had to be out of town for the next week. Several other cachers spent a day, retrieved his truck and left it in front of his house.


There is a cache at the spot where the truck broke down. Scout Master's Misery


Friends helping friends, it doesn't get much better ;)

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The past two years my church has done a geocaching activity during the Men's Retreat. The local cachers have be very generous in loaning me GPSr's for the day (10-12 each time) - some from people I'd never met (one whose wife couldn't believe that he gave it to me with out getting name, address, phone and the like). As it's been said in this thread already - geocachers are the nicest people!

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Become friends.


If you want a single instance- my son was approaching a milestone and picked the (sort of) nearby APE cache to do it on. A caching buddy made up a certificate, frame and all, to commemorate it and put it inside the cache. The look on my boys face when he saw it is one of the best memories I have had while caching.

I was just thinking of that as one of the nice things a cacher has done. It is a nice story. :anitongue:

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When I went to my first event (KTAG3) I was welcomed with handshakes and friendly faces. I admit I was nervous, going to meet a bunch of people who I heard about over the internet. But I was treated like one of the group, and had a blast even though it was cold, raining, and windy. (And in an outdoor picnic shelter.) I haven't been to another event yet, but I'm looking forward to the next one so I can meet fellow cachers.

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Nice people do nice things. Cachers are among the nicest folks I have ever met.


From CaRivercpl in CA who took me Jeeping one awesome weekend, to L of the Caching Nuts who spent an afternoon guiding me through the Allentown, PA area. From Frogwarts&Bearfr who put together an AWESOME quilt of Montana cacher signatures, to Yumitori and Leonata who helped them get cachers to sign it and who have been my closest geo-friends. From Stunod to SpEd and FallenFaery and CoD, from Torry to Raynebeau, cachers are just plain awesome.

From the beginning, we have been lucky enough to hang with and cache with and just plain be friends with some great geocachers. And as with most friendships, they get better with age!


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Wow... this is a really nice thread...


Like Jennifer said... finding friends that you will have forever.


Sometimes you even find that one person who makes your life worth living.


All the kind words folks pass along and the help that is offered when you need it.


BTW.. nice job on the certificate Stunod. :)


Don't let him fool ya.. he's a really good guy.

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Back when I placed this cache, I asked a felow cacher, Rocking the Goat, if he could help me by getting a waypoint for me, since I'd left my Garmin behind when I placed the cache :) . Not only did he get me an almost perfect waypoint, but he also hiked to 2 separate trailheads in the area and took waypoints there as well, just in case I wanted to use the info on the cache page. AND... as we started emailing back and forth in the days that followed, we found out that we were related! RtG turned out to be my father's cousin!

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Recently, there was a fire in Pokagon State Park (thanks to somebody deciding that in 40mph winds is a good time to burn all his leaves) - before I even heard about the fire, one of the members of The Herd called me to say that our caches were OK (one of The Herd is a DNR Guy who works in Pokagon) - even though the fire had come CLOSE to them (about 400 ft. away from one of our caches), neither were affected. They'd even checked up on the caches to make sure they were OK.

It was especially nice because it came at a time when we were getting quite discouraged and frustrated about some other stuff that was happening - so it came just at the right time.




Thanks, Amber & Brad.

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I got Cujo (for FREE) from JOYROSE and Hubby Bull which set of a chain of events that led me to meeting The Snoogstress. :lol:


Been together 6 months & we're gonna get hitched in November of 2007. :)

Congrats to both you and Cujo! :lol:

Snoogs, dude, you can't marry Cujo ... there are laws against that sort of thing. :)

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