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A Podcast About Geocaching

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We've created a weekly podcast (audio show) about Geocaching!




We consistently deliver high quality, family friendly shows that are informative, inspirational and entertaining.


Take a listen, participate and join in on the fun!


As of this posting we are on show #28 (listen to some of the older show too!) and have listeners from all around the world!


Keep on cachin'!


Sonny and Sandy (iTrax and FoxTail)



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You guys do a great job! I always enjoy listening to the programs. I downloaded #28 last night and tried to listen to it before I went to sleep. Of course, I was up waaay too late again and had to listen to it this morning at the office. :P


Hmmmm...makes me wonder what you guys are slipping into my subconscious at night! :P


Great interview with Dan-Oh in the current episode. I managed to glean a couple ideas that I'll be using on an upcoming hide of my own.


Thanks for all you guys do!



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I'll give it a listen. I am a Podcasting maniac. My favorite is Craft Beer Radio, which is excellent. I also like the KEXP Podcasts, and some from NPR (although I'm not a huge fan of the "news" side of NPR), like All Songs Considered, and the weekly compilations of stories on Music, Movies and Food. Good stuff! I will add this one to iTunes so I can check it out.

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Great. Can you stop spamming the forums about it though?



Are you requesting that I stop letting people know about our podcast about geocaching?


I'd be happy to cease if that is what you are asking.


I just needed clarification. (wasn't sure if you were writing to me, or the cacher right before your post)


Many Thanks!


Sonny (iTrax)

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Less of the OT stuff and more caching stuff in the shows.

Personally, I like the OT stuff for the same reason I like to go to event caches and talk about REAL life instead of just caching.


Besides, that's what fastforward buttons are for. :anitongue:



How about putting the OT stuff at the end of the show? That way those that only want to hear just the caching stuff can bail after that part is over, and the others that like the OT stuff can keep listening! ;)

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