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Australian Geocoin


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Post copied from the geocaching Australia forum


Australian Forum


OK folks


I am calling this the final design. :P




And here is the description


1.75” coin in Bronze (Shiny) outer ring front and back

lettering is to be pressed in

Front images 3D and the blank space fogged

Rear painted except for the numbering which is etched or stamped

Epoxy on colour side


I will start by by getting accurate numbers from interested parties (and I like the idea of an Aussie run and then a world run in a different metal)


To make it easier on me please send me an E-mail with the amount required.




I will allow about 2 weeks for order requests to come in before finalising the order, and I will be sending the artwork in for a quote.  As soon as I get a final quoted price I will post the cost to this forum.




These coins will only be offered to Australians in the first run, but I would like to find out any interest if I was to make a version in a different metal for overseas.



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I spent 3 weeks in Melbourne with my wife and got a chance to geocache while we were there. I would love to get a couple of these. One for me to remember my great three weeks and another one to give to a friend of mine (mate) who has been caching with me and teaching me about caching.


Nashville, TN

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