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2005 Kitsap County Coin On Sale Now!

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Are we to take that last list as all the Silvers have been claimed?

It's one of those butter my butt and call me a biscuit moments. There are a good number of silver coins left.


We're going to give it a few days for the Kitsap County cachers to catch up and if they're not claimed then we'll offer them in this forum.


Who would have guessed?

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More on the list





Everyone should have payment instructions by now. If you don't please let me know and I'll resend.


The original invoices didn't include the PayPal address to use. I've sent an additional email giving you that address. Sorry for the vapor lock.


Those of you who paid a shop99er PayPal account will have those payments reveresed and you'll need to make the payment to the effiesplace account. Sorry for that confusion as well.


It never goes easy for me....

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The final addition to the list of the folks that made it in time for the Bronze coin.


Golfin'Fool and Me Too!

Granitic Intrusions

Right Wing Wacko




El Santo

Buffalo Wings

Team Bigdawg



That's all, folks!!


These are the folks that have purchased a Silver coin.


Snookie 74


Seabeck Tribe








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We are sold out of the Bronze.


We have a handful of the silver left and are going to allow the Kitsap County residents a few more days to get their requests in. If we have any left over we will be offering them up on the forums at a later date.


For all of those who made the list please give me a day or two to get it all sorted out. I have a ton of payments that I haven't looked at yet. I'm getting all the addressing and packaging done today and I hope I'll start mailing tomorrow.


Thanks for making this a sell out...well, except for our fellow Kitsap County residents. We may have to take them behind the woodshed for a talking to.

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All but 6 of the Kitsap County coins have been mailed. If the coins aren't in your hands yet they should be soon. Remember it's the heavy holiday mail season and it takes a little longer for mail to arrive.


There has been a few email break-downs here and there. Generally we reply to every email we get so if you haven't had a reply from us then we there's a good chance we didn't get your email.


PLEASE contact us if you have paid but haven't received a note from us telling you that your coin was in the mail.


We will be on vacation from Dec 24th to Jan 1st so there will be no mail, E or otherwise, going out during that time frame.


Merry Christmas everyone!


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