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A HUGE Huge well done to stuey who hit the big **1000** today in London.

Thanks Terry and Keith for your company, it was a fun weekend.


I'm surprised you are still married, getting that many finds under your belt, not forgetting travelling all the way to Scotland to get a cache, on your wifes birthday.

She's been really good. I couldn't have done it without Cathy (well, I did do most of it without Cathy, if you know what I mean, hehe)


Now you can slow up so I can catch up.

Not a problem, I couldn't maintain that pace for much longer. I intend to enjoy caching for the caches, not the numbers for the time being.


I may have crossed your path in London today

It's a small world, and I've bumped into cachers 15 times (at 1.5% of all caches!), but not bumped into you..... yet!


It was nice meeting up with you (all) last night, too

and you too. Shame we DNF'd one of your caches immediately prior to the event! Great to attend one so far from home though and meet lots of nice people, including all those that added to this thread!


I'll feed you mince pies next time you visit the Chatroom

They were lovely, thanks Mrs B!


Well done and you didn't even have to brave Crypto V...yet

Not yet, no... but soon.... I hope!


Well done Stuey

and thanks for setting the cache I ended up doing for #1000, St Ethelreda's Church. A real hidden GEM!


And thanks for all those caches you've placed, too! Yes, even Devious Devonian

it's a shame I had to archive it... but I have other plans :blink:


I am sure Ozzy found most of them

He found just one on Dartmoor... but what a good boy B)


wonder how you manage finding caches while keeping that dog in line

It's fun sometimes!


I don't think we will ever find that many. Still beating you on the hiding though. (and the coins)(and the icons).

You'll get there quicker if you found a few more and stopped setting so many :P


Well done Stuey, nice to get the 1000 before the end of the year-2000 for next Christmas perhaps?!!!!!!!

Perhaps not... It's such a long way to travel now!


Well done Stuey on the big one,you can slow down now hehe

Thanks, I shall!


I said you would get to 1000 before the end of the year

Yes Andy, you were right.. and thanks to you for the funniest (non)caching moment of the year on Lundy, hehe B)


How many of the 1000 has Ozzy been present at?

Ozzy has been my faithful cache-hound for the past 18 months or so, and he's probably done about half of them with me. He is great fun.


You will never slow up

Just watch me now B)


Thanks all for your congrats and support over the past few years. I said it before, but this time I mean it... it is time to slow down a bit and enjoy the caches for what they are, rather than the numbers for a while. There are lots of remote Dartmoor caches that need finding which are about a 6 to 10 mile walk with just one or two caches up for grabs en route. Thanks too for all who have set and maintain caches... it's impossible without you!

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