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Geocaching Chaps

Iowa Tom

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For years I've wished I had some sort of chaps that the typical weed seeds wouldn't stick to. Transporting seeds can be a real environmental problem, especially when it comes to spreading invasive species and it goes w/o saying that nobody likes taking home 500 million stick-tights that they have to comb out of their paints and socks after a bushwhack or two. :back:


Does anybody know of chaps that are inexpensive or better yet, plans for making your own. Chaps I would think would be a good geocaching item to sell. I would also like to know what type of material would work well and would hold up.


Of course, knowing my ignorance on the matter, I suppose that there are dozens of varieties of geocaching chaps already out there. ;)



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I wear synthetic pants, pretty close to cordura type fabric. The only place I pick up burrs is on the zipper pulls. Avoid cotton jeans, or any loose light weight synthetic. Plus the polyester drys faster than cotton. I am from Canada so I like buying from MEC. The Sportif Explorer Convertible is one I like.

I think Columbia has some good clothes too.

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I'm always mixing up birds. What d'ya expect, I was born and raised in The Bronx. I should have realized it was a ring neck because I actually flushed one of them a mile from where I live in Queens in NYC of all places. I was trying to hide a cache and flushed one that flew about hundred feet and hid. Scarred the heck out of me.


I also have problem figuring out the sex of birds. Here's one screw-up I did with turkeys! See Picture 6 Turkey Interlude in the photo section.

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How about for dogs? It once took me two hours to pick all the stickers off Buddy! He looked like a pin cushion. :(

Go to Cabelas and check out the hunting clothing, as well as the dog accessories. Remember, hunters spend a LOT of money in this stuff, so that's where most of the products we're looking for will be marketed.


Wrangler makes some good quality denim jeans with Cordura chaps sewn onto them--I believe someone linked to them above. WELL worth the money; last year after bustin brush pheasant hunting all day, my buddy (clad in columbia fatigue-wanna-be's) had scratches completely covering his legs, almost turned into one big scab. I didn't have a mark with my wrangler pro-gear's. Sure, you look goofy as all heck in 'em, but maybe that'll scare the muggles away :(


For your dogs...check Here.

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Here's some very interesting info about how that "partridge" came to be in the US. Neato!  B)  And here my ecology professor back in 1974 told me wrong! He gave Iowa credit for being the first state in the Union to have em.  :(  :(



Oddly enough, even that doesn't have it right--completely. They may have been introduced in California, but attempts to establish a wild population failed dismally. The first established wild population was in Ohio.


Edit: On that note...this is getting OT.

Edit #2Tom jogged my memory...Iowa's population was established when a pen holding pheasants was blown apart in a tornado near Cedar Rapids.

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so a google on gaiters

I wear gaiters even with shorts. I use them mostly to keep the mud off my legs though. Most pacific northwest stuff that bothers you is pretty close to the ground, like nettles.


I spent enough time wearing BDUs to swear them off completely. If I wear pants I go with an REI hiking pant. Wicking is important to me as well as rain resistence. That, a Mountain Hardwear jacket and a Seattle Sombrero and I'm pretty well covered for any occasion.

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:( I work for a company that makes a dandy lightweight chap that I've been known to use on more than one occasion. I personally am involved in the manufacture of these chaps and can tell you that they are tough. If you have a snake problem, we make a snakeproof chap also, we took them to the Miami Serpentarium in Florida for product testing and they passed with flying colors. :(Happy Hunter chaps. Edited by 57chevy
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Man with a top that would offer protection too, after seeing some of the things offered, if I got some chaps I'd be tempted to go out and run around in the worst place I know of daring the stick-on deals to grab a ride. :( Now if they just made a poison ivy prevetion cream that really works I'd be real happy.


The nettles I can deal with with long boots on. I do hate the ivy though! :(


Last year I finally got high top boots and what a change for the better they made.



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