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Gals...check This Out!


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I actually bought a 2 pack last year for a friend before a long hike. Of course, I had them delivered to her office...I mean..I wanted to make sure she got them...right?!?!?!


My understanding is they're...problematic at best. Perhaps they require a little practice. I don't know for sure. They have been the subject of several conversations and the website makes them look pretty...umm...handy (I have a feeling that's not the best word for it).



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Ok...it should be used the first few times at home (and not on your way out to dinner, as I did), but it didn't require more than a few at-home trials for me to feel confident using it on (well, just off) the trail this morning. Danged chilly in Bellingham today, and I'll tell ya, this thingy now has a permanent home in my pack. AND, as a kayaker, I will never have to eyeball my deck sponge and contemplate the dynamics of that option again.

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Good evening. I've been summoned via the "report this post" feature. Regarding the original post, as this is a product which female geocachers might find helpful, and the OP doesn't seem to have a connection to the business, the discussion is permissible. But let's keep the thread informational and on-topic... meaning free of crude jokes.


Also, I edited out the link provided by Hugh Jazz. While the page linked to was arguably helpful, some might find that other pages in the navigation bar for that site were not "family friendly."


Thanks everyone for your understanding and cooperation. ;)

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My understanding is they're...problematic at best. Perhaps they require a little practice.

When I camp in the winter, I always put an empty Gaterade bottle in my tent. It comes in handy when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go potty and it's 19 degrees outside. I'm not bragging (okay, yes I am) but its not easy to pee in a Gaterade bottle cause the opening is kinda small. If your not careful, you miss the bottle and wake up the next morning with frozen pee in your tent. Eeeiiiwww!!! ;)

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Yikes. Sorry about the questionable link. I didn't check the links on that page, only the main writeup. I'll try to find a more family friendly link and repost it here.



Thanks to the wayback machine, here it is. I checked this and it has no naughty bits. The words used in here to describe the female anatomy are the exact same 'medical' type words used in the OP's link so... here goes:



Edited by Hugh Jazz
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There are several other products available that do the same thing as the TravelMate, none of them seem quite as well researched or marketed though. I remember seeing one that was basically a laminated cardboard funnel. Of course, with that you have disposal issues, where as with the TravelMate there are just clean up issues.



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