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What Personal Geocoins Are Only For Trade?

Cav Scout
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Mine isn't for sale.

Same here....although recently, one of mine went for $31 on Ebay (Not sold by me!)...I wish that person would have just contacted me, I would have been more than happy to trade.


I haven't found an appropriate cache to put any in yet, but I did have an Event where I raffled off 6 coins (free raffle...all you had to do is attend the event).


My policy is that I refuse to pay for a Personal Coin. If thats the only way to get it, then I don't need it.

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The Outdoorfamily coin will only be available for trade. I have a list started of people that have already requested trades. I was going to wait till I had all my $$ in hand but decided to go ahead and start requesting qoutes today. I'm not fully decided what metals but there will be only two metals numberd 000-050 and 51-250. There is a listing of this version on www.thecachingplace.com if anyone wants to post their interest there I will contact them as soon as I have them in hand (just add a note to if you you want the LE or both). If you don't have the ability to list your want on the caching place you can email me.

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This really isn't meant in any negative way but, it must be really nice to have the money to shell out for your own coins and not have to do a presale to fund them. I'm going to be having a coin made and the antique bronze will be for sale however the antique silver (only 50 of them) are not for sale and will be used for trading. Thats if I will be able to trade with them since some people won't trade for coins that can be bought. Maybe some day 9if I win the lottery) I can afford to just buy coins outright and not have to sell some to be able to afford it. Once again this isn't meant in a negative way, just an opinion.

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We will have a coin coming by the end of December that will be for trade only. In response to Dreamin' Eagle, this is our Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary presents to both of us. we felt the coins had more meaning to us if they were trade only and not put on the market.


BTW Mr. Eagle, we'd trade one of ours for yours when you get them.

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I purchased my coins for the express purpose of trading them for other coins. I have also put a few in caches. To me as a collector the cost of my coins was just an expence related to my hobby, and that's what it should be, a hobby. It appears to me that lately too many people seem to be making coins just for a profit. I have no problem with clubs or state organizations selling coins at a profit to support club activities, and I do buy those. And because I am a collector, I will sometimes buy personal coins that I really like. But if you would like one of my coins you will have to trade for it. I will e-mail you, you can e-mail me, or you might see me at an event. Until then, Happy trading!

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