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Chef_cache_alot Geocoin


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I have decided to join the ranks with my own personal geocoin, the soon to be coveted Chef_cache_alot personal geocoin.





The coin will be 1.5" in diameter, will be sequentially numbered and will be 3D front and 2D back. There will be 400 minted in 22K gold plating with color front and back as shown in the above images. I will also be producing 100 LE coins that will also be sequentially numbered, different from the regular coins. These coins will be set apart from the regular coins by being minted in two tone metal, gold and polished nickel. I decided to use polished nickel instead of polished silver because the silver would eventually tarnish and is not as durable as the nickel. Price will be in the $6.50-$7.00 range for the standard issue coins and $8.00 for the LE coins. Price will include shipping and packaging, I will use padded envelopes to make sure the coins are safe.


The images are just the preliminary art work. I am currently waiting for the final die art which will have a few minor changes, mostly on the LE coins. This coin is being produced by the wonderful people at Coins and Pins.


This thread is just to guage interest in my coin. I haven't decided how I will take preorders yet. I am thinking of doing it the old fashioned way by just posting another thread and taking orders that way and sending out an email with the paypal link for payment. I want to keep the price down and with all the fees associated with ebay I would rather not go that way.


Any comments would be appreciated.


One item I forgot to put in my original post, I will be reserving 100 of the regular coins and 25 of the LE coins for trading and putting in some local caches.

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To clear things up, this will not be trackable on gc.com. Like I said in the earlier post the images were prelinary art work. I was originally thinking of doing the tracking thing but with all the hoo ha going on with whether or not they will continue and the cost I decided not to do it. The numbers will now be on the bottom of the beehive instead at the top next to the state.


As for changing the spelling on "alot", it is what it is. :lol:

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I have had several people asking me about trades. Yes I am interested in doing trades! Please email me and I will get back to you. Please be patient because I am very busy this time of year doing chefly things for all the Christmas parties so I will not be able to get back to you right away, :lol:


I guess I will just do this the old fashioned way and use this thread for the preorders and keep a tally and take orders based on first come first served. :lol::lol:

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I guess I will just do this the old fashioned way and use this thread for the preorders and keep a tally and take orders based on first come first served. ;):back:

I didn't post how many I wanted when I first posted (the 5th post after the OP)because it stated it was to guage interest and not a pre-order thread. I just said I'd be in for a few of each.


I would like to trade my personal coins for one of each and also buy one of each.


Happy minting!!

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