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No Pq Emails

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My queries eventually ran and emails arrived a bit later. Normally they take up to 15-10 mins when I tick the box to re-run an old query but today it appears to have taken a few hours. It may have been as it was around midnight (PST) and the system was chewing through all the pq's that were scheduled to run on saturday. What ever, its all back to normal for me now.

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Some ideas:


1. Check your PM hasn't expired (it happened to me)

2. Turn off every spam filter you can (if your ISP imposes one, change ISP)

3. Send yourself a "contacting you from Geocaching.com" e-mail to check that your ISP isn't blocking Groundspeak



I renewed my membership (even though it wasnt due to expire until Dec 17th).

I have been getting other emails through Groundspeak, so don't think that can be the problem.


Still havent had any PQ emails - that's been days now. Who do I complain to? :)

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