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San Diego Geocoin - Public Offering

Caching Widow

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The San Diego GeoCoin will make its public debut on Sunday Dec. 11 at 9a.m. PST on eBay. I will have 75* coins available in one auction and 25* coin/pin sets available in another. This is how we will sell the bulk remainder of our coin stock. Coins will be limited to 2 per buyer, so that more people get a chance to buy them.


Thanks for all your patience and positive feeback about our design.


* May be more or less dependant on final coin tallies made on Saturday night.

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Okay folks, the auctions are set up and ready to go. Here are the auction titles and item numbers.


1) 2005 San Diego GeoCoin & Pin - Trackable w/Custom Icon

50 Sets offered

Item number: 8362923416


2) 2005 San Diego GeoCoin - Trackable w/Custom Icon

150 offered

Item number: 8362923978


This auction will start at 9am PST on Sunday, Dec. 11.


Fingers crossed that I will no longer have any unclaimed coins by this time next week. Thank the goddess for Pitney Bowes mail meters!!!

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10 minutes into it and there is PLENTY left!  I think peoples pockets are hurting from the holidays.


I will say this coin looks awesome in person.

I know that I'm on a coin-spending freeze until the holiday shopping is over... unless I see something shiny that I must have. :D


Now, where's that GAA coin when I need it??!!? :unsure::D

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Just ordered two with additional $6 for shipping to Germany. (If I wouldn't have checked this forum I wouldn't have known the international shipping fee, maybe there should have been an information on ebay?)

Well, that's $24 for two coins now. Pretty expensive but I'm looking forward to a San Diego coin for quite a while now. :laughing:

Think I have to tighten my purse until after the holidays as well now...

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