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Kentucky Coins 2003 & 2004 Question

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That is correct the 2003's were numbered 001-200. The 2004'a were numbered 2004-201 - 2004-399. The 2005's are numbered 2005-400 - 2005-699 (I think).


The special edition (silver) are numbered SE-01 - SE-99.


I have an '04 available for trade. Do you have any GC.com trackables that I don't have? You can buy the '05 at GEOCKY Website.

I have a trade offer out there for the 2004 already, but if that doesn't pan out, I may contact you. Kilted Cacher actually confirmed I have two 2003s yesterday... one of which came from you as a matter of fact. I originally thought it was a 2004, but it's not :lol:

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