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Where Geocaching Has Taken Us..


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:D ... on the way to school i commented to "bl" where geocaching has taken us... on today show today they showed john lennons memorial "Imagine" at strawberry fields in central park... we saw that while visiting NYC and caching in the park... (did that two years in a row) we're from nebraska so it was quite a treat... so, geocaching has been a very positive experience for me, "mi" (49) and "bl" (13)... we have so been blessed... just thought i mention this...


Merry Christmas... :)

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I would never have awakened two hours before my wife and parents to climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence a few years back if there wasn't a virt up there. I doubt I would have even been aware the climb was possible. So I skipped a posh hotel breakfast in return for an espresso at a cafe along the cobblestones, and then subjected myself to 30 minutes of medieval stairmaster torture to get to one of the most memorable views of the entire trip as the morning fog burned off over the countryside. :) (Followed by 15 minutes of going back down :D )

You also get an amazing up-close view of the ceiling murals as you make the transition from climbing up inside the cathedral walls to the dome itself. :D

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I go home to the Eastern Sierra every chance I get. This usually involves a long road trip. I've seen so many new cool places along the way in areas that I had previously just passed through, giving me a unique perspective of the country.


In that sense, Geocaching sort of enforces the "Stop and smell the roses," approach to life.


Geocaching has also completely changed my life in more ways than I have time to list..... :P:D

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Whenever we go on a local trip (usually to the Gulf Islands or Vancouver Island), I always download the 'caches into my Palm T3 and Garmin. And on every single trip, 'caching has led us to discover interesting locations that most visitors aren't aware of.


I highly recommend to include Geocaching as a part of any trip.



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I agree. In the short time I have been doing this I haven't had any "Ohh! I've cached there!" experiences, but I'm amazed about how many caches there are all over the place in places I have been and never would have know that stuff was hidden right under my nose! I lived in Rome for 6 years and traveled quite a bit throughout Europe and it's amazing to think of all these monuments and things with caches RIGHT THERE and I never would have known. What else is out there hiding in plain sight? Hmmm?


I think Geocaching would be the best way to learn about a new town. I have found some nice parks in my town/nearby that I never would have gone to otherwise. It definitely gets you out there and doing something more productive than watching the boob tube. :P

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I have to groan at the above post.


We've only been caching a short while so we haven't experienced the 'wow I've cahced there' feeling.


We did live in Germany for several years and we loved to travel off the beaten path. So I have looked up caches in Germany near where we used to live places we visited and all we can say is that we wish we had known about geocaching when we were there. We've actually been to many cache sites and didn't even know it.


Well I guess that means we have to back some day.

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One of my muggle co-workers brought this very subject up today. While he hasn't become a geocacher he has enjoyed some of the places I've found and many of the stories and pictures I've carried in to the office.


Places geocaching took me I wouldn’t have been or found otherwise include:

· A spring house on the grounds of the Capitol Building

· The back of the WWII memorial to find a certain traveler

· The Navy Memorial

· The C&O Canal

· Harper’s Ferry, WV

· A short walk on the Appalachian Trail

· The FDR memorial

· A former Nike Missile site

· A water mill just outside of DC

· The Boarder Patrol Museum in El Paso

· National Cemetery in Alexandria, VA

· Saluda Shoals Park, SC

· Fitness trail in Hershey, PA

· Multiple small parks in my town I knew nothing of

· More than a few parks I never got around to visiting before right in my home territory

· Back to many locations I had visited in the past to view from another angle or to go to a corner I hadn’t known existed.


This is only the beginning of a list that could go on and on, and hopefully will continue to grow. Now what have I learned from all this? That is even a longer list.

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I like this topic, as it emphasizes what I love about caching.

I have cached San Francisco, so I guess that I can say I have used the sport to see notable spots, but that is not the attraction to me.

I love to explore new and out of the way places, away from the crowds, thank you.

I bought my GPS to give me a security blanket in striking out to the backcountry solo. I first tried caching to hone my GPS skills.

I have, in the last year, graduated to a VW Vanagon Westy camper, to make my exploring a year-round. I love to point myself in a general direction, and let the caches that look interesting lead the way. Geocaching.com is the best travel guide you would want to find.

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Geocaching has taken me inside deep dark caves, immense fields of lava and long forgotten buildings.


I've hiked to a downed B-23 in the mountains of Idaho and walked the boardwalk in Santa Cruz looking for caches.


I've been skunked, FTF and arrested at caches.


I've been a breath away from a herd of Bison and watched Old faithful mark time.


I've made many good friends in the process.

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In that sense, Geocaching sort of enforces the "Stop and smell the roses," approach to life.

Unless your doing a 45 mile multi micro find called "Stop and Smell The Roses" then your just wanting to hurry up and finish it lol


Geocaching has taken me to

1. local parks I never knew about

2. Geowoodstock 3 which led to great caching in FL

3. Some fun caches and locations up around the SC/NC state line

4. Pretty places in NC

5. Some great parts of the Palmetto Trail in SC

and finally

6. More visits to Shoneys then i ever thought was possible for our local monthly meetings.

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Places I probably wouldn't have discovered without geocaching. Lessee:


Thomas Edison's iron mining facility. It was shut down in the 1890's but foundations and mine shafts remain. Way cool. Only 10 miles from my house too.


A veterans memorial in the middle of a cemetery somewhere in Bethlehem PA. It was a moving experience.


A nature preserve in the middle of crowded, over developed Bergen County NJ.


The banks of the Susquahanna River. I'd driven over many times but never would have stopped but for geocaching.


A long abandoned theme park.


A nasty little spot in NY's Central Park.


A breathtaking view in NY's Harriman State Park.


An historic tavern just off of one of NJ's most heavily travelled highways. I passed it hundreds of times over the years and never would have found it without geocaching.


An abandoned bridge near a scenic gorge.


An abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere.


Another gorgeous view and another and another and another.


A really neat rock structure.


A nice view of Folsom Lake and another of Folsom Prison.


A bat hibernaculum.


The former estate of the childrens author Albert Payson Terhune and the grave of his dog, Lad.


The grave of Borden food's Elsie the Cow.


A muddy and nasty tidal marsh that no human would ever want to visit other than to find a geocache.


A plane crash site on a scenic Catskill peak.


An abandoned ski area, or two.


The site where Alexander Hamilton met his untimely end in a duel with Aaron Burr.


A great waterfall, abandoned villa and nice views of the Hudson River and NYC.


A Vermont peak and the highest waterfall in Vt.


Another incredible view and because I have to end this somewhere, an abandoned mine.

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