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Is there a website where I can type in several sets of lats and longs and have it produce a map featuring these coordinates?  Why can't I find anything like this?  Am I missing somehting obvious, like a feature on with google maps?



Since you mentioned Google Earth, Yes, you can use GE to do this. When in GE click on the ADD tab at the upper left, then PLACEMARK. Check in the ADVANCED box. Click on the LOCATION tab. Now you can enter the Lat/Lon for the "placemark" you want. The position format defaults to ddd mm ss.ss, but you can opt for decimal degrees (ddd.ddddd) as well under TOOLS/OPTIONS. Just continue this process to add as many as you like, and view them over aerial photos in GE.


Another free program is USAPhotoMaps where you can create routes or drop waypoints over USGS topo or aerial photos.


Or, simply use your GPS desktop software, such as Garmin MapSource, to create your points and export them as a .gpx file. GE and USAPhotoMaps for two examples will open your .gpx file over mapping. I'm sure others will chime in with more good advice too. Good luck, and happy mapping!

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Take a look at CacheMaps.

I created this especially for showing maps for lists of caches (in loc-files)

To create a locfile, you can use fo example GSAK, GPS babel.


Another good site is GPSVisualizer, where you can add a list of coordinates and show numerous online maps.

This site also has a tool to easily convert a list of coordinates to a loc file (if my memory is correct)





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