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Any Tomtom Go Users?

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I recently got my TomTom GO 700 the other day and had a spark of interest in doing a bit of Geo Caching, so I figure I'd send out a feeler to see if any other folks currently use their TTG for this activity?


While I haven't gone out yet -- still waiting for the 'Navigate to Lat/Long' application to be recompiled for the new firmware update -- there seems to be a lot of caches in my area, which is nice.


If anyone has any tips or advice for geocaching with a TTG or for a newbie in general, feel free to reply. :unsure:

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TomoTom is an autonavigation program basically for driving. While I don't have TomTom, I do use Mapopolis which also autonavigate but allow navigation off road to waypoints containing coordinates. Mapopolis also has an arrow that points you to the waypoint and the ability to shutdown the autonavigation - essentially putting you in an off-road mode. Itt'll give distance to cache and direction.


You may wish to also consder getting a dedicated GPS whioch is more proteected against falls and rain and made with caching in mind. I us both my GPS and PPC.

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I've heard of several people successfully geocaching with their TomTom 700. Having an internal battery apparently allows you to use it as a hand held -- although it's not really desiigned to be held in the hand.


Should do well enough for you to check out geocachign and see if it's something you'd like to pursue further.

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This is why you should never name your company after your product. People will talk about one when they mean the other. TomTom is both a company and a family of marginally related products...


GPSBabel will write to TomTom Go and Go Navigator files from your PQs or .loc files. I don't know how well exercised it has been.

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