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Couldn't Geocache, So...


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So I dropped my Magellan Color unit a while back (and their customer service is SUPERB!, btw) so while I couldn't cache, I participated in a novel-writing contest.


Well, I was one of the winners. One of the "prizes" was an offer to publish the book.


I did. So add "Published Author" to my profile, folks.


The proof galley is on its way to me as I type this. I hope to sell a dozen copies or so, eventually. It's so much fun, I think I'll start another one soonest!

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I thought it peripherally on topic, because it shows that one CAN do something while not geocaching...


It's called Baggy Zero Four, and it's about a Forward Air Controller in Vietnam.


I was a FAC, and have a book about it in work. Baggy Zero Four, however, is fictional.

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