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Yellow Etrex


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I'm thinking about buying a GPS unit as a Christmas present for someone who seems interested in Geocaching, and my first thought was to get a nice bog standard yellow Etrex (they're fairly cheap in comparison to others). I've never used one but I've seen a lot of people swear by them so I'm not worried about the quality - I'm thinking of it from the point of view that I need something which is ideally easy to use and also has a very easy to see and read screen (they're a bit of a technophobe)!


Anyone with an Etrex tell me if this fits the bill?



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I have one and used it for 18 months B.C. (before caching) :)


Works great, screen is small but perfectly formed.


It is a great basic little unit and build quality is superb.


It seems to be just as accurate as my 60cs.


I would never part with it, it is useful as a back-up and as a second unit

when we are out as a family....saves all the arguments. :unsure:


I paid £59,99 from expansys at the time but they seem to have gone up in price since...weird. :P




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I've used a basic "Yellow" for 18 months and it been great for me, even my 12 year old daughter finds using it simple.

Whenever I read a sentence like this regarding technology, I always mentally rearrange it, thus:

My 12 year old daughter has used a basic "Yellow" for 18 months and its been great for her, even I find using it simple.


SP :unsure:


P.S. I've an ancient yellow which was a few years old when I bought it in mid 2003 and it's fine for caching. Easy to use, virtually indestructible and, dare I say it, cheap!

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I've also had a yellow etrex for 4 years. It goes virtually everywhere with me, takes all the knocks and bumps you'd expect it to, and it's very simple to use. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.


PS: Apparantly there is one disadvantage to the yellow - It's easy to mistake a banana for one, but the banana doesn't get as good a satellite fix. B)

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Can the yellow connect to a PC via cable ?

It certainly can, but the cable is not supplied with the etrex, and has to be ordered separately. I bought mine at the same time as the etrex, and paid about £25 four years ago.

The higher models have the cable included ?!?


It may be cheaper to buy a blue etrex :)

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And the moral of this story is, it pays to shop around. And have a serial port ;)



...was this company selling this adapter for that price 18 months ago...

If so I never found them. ;)


I always shop around, saying that sometimes it doesn't pay:-


I just bought a 1Gb card for £35.99 it's already gone AWOL. :back:




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18 months ago ebuyer.com has usb to serial adapters for around a tenner.


It does appear I paid over the odds, for the adapter :huh:


I'll try not to loose to much sleep over it.. :huh:


My simple observation in reply to a question about connection to a PC was to

point out that if you don't have a serial port on your PC you will have to buy

for 2 cables as the Yellow does not have a USB cable available..


1) Data cable at about £8-£10


2) Serial USB adapter £10+ (not £20+ as previously stated)




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