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Cold Weather Performance

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I've been caching in weather as cold as 25 below zero, and I find that my etrex and meridian both work well as long as I keep them in an inside pocket, just pulling them out to check and then putting it away again once I've taken a reading...above zero I wouldn't worry about it much, but it might work better if you can keep it warmed in a pocket when not referencing it.



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i have had no problems whatsoever with my vista c, even when i use it in very cold conditions while snowmobiling. however, my ipaq is another story entirely. i've sadly discovered recently that it "freezes" at anything below 35 or 40 degrees. i couldn't believe it...40 just isn't THAT cold!!

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I also have a vista C, and I've used it down to about 20 F with no problems, out and exposed to the cold on the handlebars of my bicycle. I've had it less than a year, so I haven't had the opportunity to try it at colder temps. I'd believe battery life could be significantly shorter (at least with NiMH), but haven't really tested it myself. I've heard that the Li batteries are much better performers at low temps, if it's important to you.



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I have a geko 101 and don't have any reception or performance issues down to single digits, but I notice that the LCD takes longer to refresh or update the colder it gets. I think this applies to all LCD screens in general. You will probably notice that your batteries drain faster when colder, too.

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I've used both Magellans and Garmins in the COLD.

When my Magellans had faint screens down around freezing, my Garmins still had some contrast on those screens. I seem to remember having maxed out the contrast on the Platinum or GPS315, just to see the screen in the cold. For me if I have this problem, then it is to cold for me to Geocache with a GPS, but not cold enough for a reqular hike if i got the layers on, then in that case, I might hike without the GPS.

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The LCD (LIQUID Crystal Displays) of the non-color models will work very slowly when first turned on if the unit is cold. After the unit has been turned on and had some juice flowing through it for a minute or two, the display's performance will increase. As was mentioned earlier, keep it tucked away where it's nice and warm and you shouldn't have any problems with it.

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