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Please help.


I am going to purchase a GPS for riding my quad in the mountains in Northern California. I have never owned a GPS. Price is not an issue. I am looking for something simple to use. Good reception in tree cover is a must. I have looked at various models and am totally confused on which one to get. I will not be using it in my car for street mapping, just trail riding. Any input would be appriciated.




Tony Viverito

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I use my Garmin 60C on my quad and my wife uses the Garmin eTrex Legend on her quad. We use the RAM mounts to attach them to the quads. Rock solid.


Tree cover is heavy around here. The Garmin 60C rarely loses signal *as long as you are moving fast* under the trees. The eTrex Legend loses reception more but not too bad.


We have found that for some reason the GPSr's tend to keep a signal better on a quad than when we are on foot in the woods. Something about moving faster maybe?

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I also live in Northern Calif. and ride ATVs and have been very happy with my Meri/Plat on a ram mount and use MapSend ToPo for live navigation. I am impressed with the amount of Logging/Mining roads that are shown in the on screen ToPo maps allowing confidence when out in the boob-docks and not getting lost. My Meri/Plat is three years old and has never failed me.


If I were to purchase a replacement it would be a color screen Garmin 75CS or the new Magellen XL when they are available as it has a larger screen for thews old eyes to see. Color is mandatory as trails ,contours, roads and stream lines on the small screens are hard to see and color makes it simpler.


I will not go into the wilds of Northern Calif. without a GOOD GPS, it is rugged country and you can get lost out there with the amount ground that you can cover on an ATV.

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