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Geocaching Combo's

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Hillwalking is probably my favourite thing to do in combination with caching. :ph34r:


I have so far managed to combine the family holiday with some foreign caching.


I have also combined caching with my job as an exhibition contractor.


This weekend I combined the dreaded Christmas shopping with a spot of urban caching.... (ended up a more succesful caching trip than shopping trip to be honest). :lol:


What have you managed to combine with Geocaching.

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I try to combine as many extra elements in my caching as I can. A key one is photography, which has lead to some quality pix for my logs (if I say so myself) - Another of my interests is visiting film locations (such as The Wicker Man and Monty Python) and I've often combined this with both photography and caching - either doing local caches or setting my own in the area. My job also takes me up and down the country revewing shops for a magazine, and I've used this to take me to new locations for caching, although I've often not got much time for hunting, sadly. Climbing mountains to find the caches on them is a newer interest, as are cyclo-caching (I've set several along canals specifically to be found from a bike) and social-caching at events. And then there's my broadcasting experiences... You see, it's not just about looking for a lunchbox in the woods :ph34r:



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