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Foottrax Personal Geocoin


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The artwork will need a serious asjustment due to the practicalities of minting a coin with color. Also the numbers running to the edge would seem to be an issue as well. The artists at the coin manufacturer can provide the help needed. They can talk to you about color and non-color added coins.


When you have them made, I would like to trade one of my personal coins for one.

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I like the eye! There are a few issues with the design when considering color (like pdxmarathonman said), but whatever mint you use can easily help with that.


And I'm making an Alice Springs, Australia coin. But shhh, it's a secret. :ph34r:

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The back seems kind of busy. There is a lot to look at there, and it seems to merge together.

Like the 2006 seems to get lost in the toes.


And are you having them serialized? I didn't see the numbers on the coin.


Just an opinion. As long as you are happy with your design, that is the most important thing! :ph34r:

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