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Caching With Ipod/discman/walkman?

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I haven't and probably never will. For me, the way my mind is wired, trying to listen to music or audio and trying to navigate around and enjoy my surroundings is too overwhelming and I end up having to filter out one or the other, anyway. But my Ipod goes everywhere else with me!

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I'd much rather hear the quietness of the area. Plus there's nothing like hearing a small bird hopping over the pine needles while I'm resting on a log.



And even in town I'd rather hear the ambient noise than cover it with a recording. I turn the music off when I park for the first cache and leave it off until the after the last cache of the day.

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MP3 player is running in the car on the way to the first cache, and if there is more than 15 minutes drive time between caches. I like hearing the natural and city sounds, but my main reason for caching without a soundtrack is so I can hear muggles or animals approaching and take appropriate action.

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I like music on in the kitchen at work all the time. Music on in the car all the time. Music or TV on almost all the time at home.

Hiking in the woods to a cache, sitting on the beach, skiing on the slopes-no music. I want to hear the leaves rustle, sticks crunch, surf roll, snow schuss. That's part of why I'm out there in the first place.

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then displays the cache listing of interest in handy vcard format in my contacts list


What exactly is this and how can I use it with my iPod? Can I use it to no longer bring printouts for each cache with me?

GPSBabel can output to VCard format, but I don't know the exact details of how to send that to your iPod. Either search the forum or post your question about that in the GPS Units and Software section.

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My 20gb iriver tends to be on my hip if I'm walking for any length of time. The tunes help me deal with the boredom of a long walk.


I considered converting cache pages to text format and dumping them itne the H320, but I decided to stick with my pda. Plucker does a better job organizing and crossreferencing then I could do with text files. I also get to use cache log book to record my adventures.

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My iPod goes along for the ride with me to the parking location. i have an aux box so that it is plugged into my car stereo but once I park, the iPod stays in the car. I like to be totally aware of my surroundings in a strange place. Maybe it was being a Paramedic in the DFW area, but after being shot once and shot at several times, I like to know what is going on around me :blink:

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I enjoy the tunes while driving, but to totally enjoy the experience on the trail I leave "unnecessary" electronics in the cachemobile. Having a similar set of experiences to GPSOkie, I can assure you that there is nothing like being shot at to focus all your senses. Immediately. Imagine, you might not even hear what was going on and you'd miss the rush - assuming it was a miss!


When I was regularly riding with a group of mountain bikers, there were those who would always attempt to do the trails at the highest possible speed. They never saw half of what there was to see in terms of wildlife, geology, surrounding terrain, etc. but they were always first to the next regrouping spot. Similarly, when caching I find the solitude and the ability to just observe my surroundings to be a big part of the overall experience. Anything which detracts from engaging all senses is generally to be avoided for me. :blink:

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For me, it would be like driving. When I drive, I have the radio on, but I wouldn't know it because my mind tunes it out. Except when sitting in traffic at a stop light, then its nice. If I have to have music with me, I must be bored with the experience. For example, I listen to an mp3 player while mowing the yard, because it's boring and i've done it a million times. That's just me, though, some people might see it as adding to the expereince.


My old Rio Sport would be great for geocaching, it's pretty drop resistant. You can probaly pick them up for $25 nowadays.

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If I am going to a cache site that requires a good ole' hike, than I do take my mini mp3 player with me. However, once I get to the cache site I do remove them so I can focus on finding the cache. I personally am not that big of a hiker so I find the music distracts me from what is going on around me. Also using audiobooks or comedian cd's are great as well. In my area there is a low risk of snakes so there is no point in keeping an ear on them.:anitongue: I find it makes the time go faster.

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