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Do You Reconcile Online Logs With The Physical Log


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Some people are just a tad on the touchy side ... I though the whole thing was kinda funny ...

That's what I thought as well. I got my log back thou. I waited until my post wasn't on the main page (There are more logs. View them all on one page) then I edited back to what my original post said. Childish? Yes. Made me feel better? Yes.





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...What about the guy that deleted my post because he didn't like what I said in my log?...

Deleting anyone’s logs is a form of censorship. That guy (in your case, Jeonlyep) is in a position where he is privileged to do just that, censor your log. The head of this phenomenon we call geocaching, Groundspeak, has chosen to allow (actually it is a requirement) this privilege of log censorship to it’s users, while abstaining from being the cache cops themselves. There is no standard because everyone polices their own cache logs.


As I pointed out in my original post:


The cache owner will assume all responsibility of their cache listings.  The responsibility of your listing includes quality control of posts to the cache page. Delete any logs that appear to be bogus, counterfeit, off topic, or not within the stated requirements.


And although this topic deals very closely with deleting logs, that (deleting logs) is a tangent in this topic about reconciling logs.


As I have said, deleting logs for almost any reason is censorship. If someone gives away a spoiler, or even uses profanity we are enabled to delete or permanently encrypt their logs. OK by me, if someone wants a flatulent smiley, because it’ll all be downwind shortly.


With the exceptions of curiosity and entertainment, I will not be bothered with reconciling the logs of my caches; I certainly will not censor bogus, counterfeit or off topic logs. :blink::ph34r:

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