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My wife and I saw one during the summer of '95, we were dating then, heading to Saddle Mountain State Park in Oregon.


While driving the 9 mile or so road from Hwy 26 to the parking lot/campground we rounded one of the corners going about 40 mph and we both saw an object 8-9 feet tall sitting on a stump resting near a tree. When we passed the "big hairy thing" it moved and that's when we noticed it. We did a double take and screamed at each other asking if we had seen that thing. It was way to large to be a human figure and the hair was about 4 inches long. It kind of looked like "Cousin It". Needless to say I hit the gas and got the hell out of there.


When I was in 6th grade, 1981, my teachers husband and a few of his friends illegally went into the restricted zone at Mt. St.Helens. While they were in the restricted area they came upon some Bigfoot tracks in the ash on one of the slopes of the mountain. He brought back pictures for the class to see. At first I thought it was a fake until I got out of high school and visted with my teacher and her husband and he told the story again and still had the photos of the footprints.


As the Mythbusters would say ..... this story is confirmed, at least on my part.

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Yes, it exists. I had been hoping to join a bigfoot search crew with an old friend who knew the president of the local bigfoot research club. He'd gone couple other times with that guy in the Indian Heaven Lakes area. They've seen tracks and supposedly heard it.


Now his brother, two years ago, was driving home the backway up the Klickitat towards Snowden which is somewhat to southeast of Trout Lake, Washington. Anyhow, all of a sudden this huge, greyish thing steps out in middle of the logging road.


Tay said it appeared to be 8-9 ft tall and it was hairy all over and it's face was flattish. It looked at Tay in his truck for a second and then continued on.


Tay contacted his brother and they got ahold of the bigfoot guy and went back to look for sign, but the groudn was too hard for tracking.


Another old family friend spotted bigfoot in the 70s and I've heard accounts from couple others.

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Bigfoot @ Sparta WMA


I never really believed into Bigfoot today -- while I'm still skeptical, whatever I saw, was not anything I've seen of my 18 years of existence on this planet ...



Wait just a second......and let me preface this with the fact that I believe there are lots of things that aren't explainable in the world, ghosts, weird creatures, GW Bush. I've even had an experience with a ghost in the home in Nome, Alaska I stayed at for six months but:


If you had seen a BIGFOOT at very close range, do you mean to tell me you'd just walk away and then continue caching? Sure, cachnig is cool and all that but you wouldn't have contacted anyone, called the news, anything?

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