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Memorial Caches

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Here in Ohio, we are mourning the loss of a very special caching family member, SherwoodForest.


An initiative has started to place multiple memorial caches in his honour, particularly the "badger badger series".


A Friendly Badger Off the Spirit Trail


Badger Acres


Badger has Mojo


Bottle #99: SherwoodForest on the Spirit Trail


Mexican Badgers


Sherwood's Forest




Slitheree-Dee (The Punderson Snake Cache)


The Elves Join the Badger Patrol


YIACC in Austinburg: This Mushroom's for SF


I offer these examples as a way for you to see how soem types of memorial caches are done.


Look for more to come, too.

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Ted: Check out my first cache."Beverly" Begonia Lane Waterfall Memorial...Dedicated to my wife of 29 years... I am fairly new to Geocache...But a dedicated newbie,,,,I feel for various reasons I found my first cache by mistake and it was destiny from my wife... ..I believe all things have a purpose in life..This memorial part of Geo needs more attention on the site..A link to these would be appropriate I feel as many members would probably prefer to have their members share in a life changing experience ......Visiting a memorial is more preferred than just placing flowers on a gravesite...Or in my case the dispensing of ashes....This is my only true option....Any feelings by others????http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=7d54d055-07ee-41fd-a3f7-1d248cb73cd6

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