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Help? I Can't Decide.......

MO Outdoorfamily

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Help.......Thanks to the generosity of Stressmaster helping with the artwork and my ideas things for my personal coin are finally starting to gel a little bit. I finally found a back I like but the problem is now I havce two I really like, LOL.


Of the three posted below I like the two photos the best, please tell me which of the three you like better and why.


PLEASE DO NOT POST HOW MANY YOU WANT HERE!! I won't be ordering coins till after the first of the year, timing will depend on how long it takes me to find another decent job and how nice Santa is (especially now that I might consider a photo coin at higher cost to myself).


Photo 1:



Photo 2:






Thanks for your input,


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I like 1 the best, because when put on a coin it would have the most detail. Now, are you planning to have a photo on the coin or an engraving of the photo? I don't care for photo inlays, myself.

I don't know, I've never physically held a photo coin in my hand (which makes me nervous to consider possibly shelling out money for a photo coin).


I think the Metal version was supposed to be an engraving of photo 2. But I'm not whild about the diagonal stripes in the photo (which really show in the metal versoin).

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As far as composure, #1 is a really artistic view of the arch. Too many times, we're tempted to "center" something in a picture, and I think the offset lends to a much better overall piece of art. This would need to be a 3-D sculpted image, and it would nicely bring out the greenery in the lower right of the photo. I've visited the Gateway Arch, and was equally impressed with the park surrounding the structure.


However, if you are planning on using a color photo inset on your coin (like Shop99er's), then photo #2 suits the role better.


Regardless, my opinion would be to go with #1 in 3-D, and use an antiqued silver finish to accentuate the silver arch.



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