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Bikinbottomfeeders Personal Geocoins


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team bikinibottomfeeders personal coin is now for sale.


200 silver (for sale $7.00 including shipping)

100 gold trades and placed in caches

25 TBD for rarer trades

15 TBD for caching escorts on cache runs or special events


order here: BBF's personal coin ordering


I am kind of tired of paying outrageous amounts of money for peoples personal coins so we thought we would make our own so we can have some to trade and also to place in caches. The coins will be numbered and will


Since I don't have a finalized drawing I will describe the coin to you.


1.5" no color on front or back only 3D imaging


Front: a woman's bikini clad bottom(3D)


Rear: state of indiana recessed into the coin with our spongy friend with a magnifying glass "popping" out of the state and looking through the magnifying glass.



please don't make fun of my picture I'm graphically challenged. I'm sure it will look much better once it has the ladies bum on the "rear" and is tweeked out by a real artist! :)


ohh the visuals going through your sick little heads right now.


lastly around the edge of the back it will say "get your mind out of the gutter and go caching" :lol: (frog not included)

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Go to HERE


click on seek and then update to pay thru paypal.

Hope that helps!

hope this helps

ARRRGH! Now it's telling me the edition limit has been reached. Can I be first in line for one of your gold trades for a TRL Bearbait?

Ok - just shoot me! It's one of those days, even though it did not appear to put me through, I appear to be on your seeking list 5 times for 2 coins each. Can I undo this?

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