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Tus Ftf Prize Honors

Team Maccabee

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I have it on good authority that the TUS FTF Prize has been placed in a cache that will be approved in the next few days. OldBaldEagle has been the 1st proud (?) bearer of this honor, but will now be passing it off to the next Tiresome/Typical Usual Suspect to FTF his cache. Good luck, everyone! Happy caching!


Team Maccabee

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Congratulations to markta!!


for finding the Tiresome Usual Suspect FTF Prize. in OBE's Sculpture cache!


Wear it in honor, Mark, and thanks for the good log! (although my friend on the bomb squad says you shouldn't shake a cache with this Prize in it, because you never know what the last finder placed on it as a noisemaker...)


I am looking forward for the next cache from markta...


Team Maccabee

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The TUS night-cachers were out and about last night but none finished the task of running down the TUS FTF TB, until at the breaking light of day Markta made the scramble to the final waypoint and a short time thereafter, earned the honor to wear the bell. Congrats Markta.

I'm retiring the TUS Avatar and returning to my own bald eagle.

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The third time is the charm for BHMP, who are the third cachers burdened...I mean, honored by the TUS FTF Prize!! They braved wind, rain, lack of sleep, and other TUS cachers to find the Prize from Markta's Leggo of that Cache! I'm sure that the next time this honor is up for grabs will be a memorable experience. And for any future cachers, be forewarned.... you never know what BHMP is going to add to this Prize.


Rest well, BHMP, and leave some FTFs for the rest of us...


Team Maccabee

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fauxSteve has proven himself to be a true TUS cacher by willing to be honored and burdened by the TUS FTF Prize!! He was quickest on the draw for finding the final for A Simple Multi, But a Long Drive, inching ahead of markta, who was trying to get seconds on the Prize... :D


I heard from the present past bearer of the Prize that it may need an upgrade in carrying capacity. :ph34r: Is this really true, fauxSteve?


For the rest of you eager to hold this honor, I'm sure that fauxSteve is even now devising a devious, clever cache that will live in infamy (or at least be fun) in which to get rid of the TUS FTF Prize.


Happy hunting!!


Team Maccabee

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