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I will be teaching a class to Park Rangers from all over the country on developing a Geocache program for their park departments, at the North Carolina Park Ranger Training Institute in Jan 2006. I am looking for other park departments to share their policies and procedures for enforcing them. The more examples I have the better I will be able to encourage other departments to welcome our sport into their Parks. Thank you for your help Rangerkim@aol.com

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Ranger Kim,


Here's our Indiana DNR policy: IDNR Policy and the permit: IDNR permit.


Many parks have used them in environmental interpretation to educate park visitors to certain aspects of their cultural or natural history. We have one here at Pokagon State Park that teaches the Civilian Conservation Corp history in the park. It can be visited at: Great Pokagon Legacy Multi As far as we know, it's the first of its kind in the Indiana State Parks.


Pokagon Nature Center

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I am a geocaching volunteer for the Cleveland Metroparks.

Carly Martin, a naturalist with the CMP, is also their Geocaching Coordinator. She has advised park managers throughout the country (and in other countries) on setting up geocaching programs.

You can contact her at Geocaching@clevelandmetroparks.com and I'm sure she'll be glad to help.

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Here is the link to the Washington State Geocaching Assoc. page on State Park policies. Please note that the WA state parks have not officially adopted this policy, it's still grinding it's way through the system.


In my opinion, on thing you should stress is that geocachers are the type of people that parks should want to have using their lands. The best geocaching policy is one that is simple to follow and easy for the park rangers to enforce.

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