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Garmin 60cx, 76cx


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As fara as a time frame for these new units making it to the dealers. In the past Garmin has always waited for industry trade shows before dealers could even place an order. The first of these shows are Outdoor Retailer in Salt lake city, the Shot show hunting industry show and the CES in Las Vegas. O.R. and the shot show are in January, I am not sure when CES is held, that is not a show that I have attended.


If you look at my post above I copied the email I recieved from Darrell at tvnav (A garmin dealer who is right down the street from the garmin headquarters). He stated that his contact said it would be announced at the CES show in Vegas in January. If this follows suit of the last couple models in the series they will become available in the March-April timeframe most likely.

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I would not count on a March-April delivery date, havenig been a buyer for a GPS dealer for several years I never saw Garmin or Magellan get any new GPS out to the dealers less than 5 months after they started taking orders. Being the show is in January the odds are that they will offer delivery in the Second quarter of the year. April, May or June. My guess would be late May or early June.

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If I recall correctly - it seems like it was about mid-November of 2003 when NEWS of the 60C/S was first leaked out and we caught wind of it here. I pre-ordered mine shortly before they started shipping the units, and I got mine about two weeks behind the first person to report delivery of his unit. I got mine the beginning of February.


Of course past history is no guarantee of future performance, but Garmin seems to be pretty consistent with timing the release of their software products on a cyclical basis. I think they have marketing plan for timing the release of new products which takes the holiday season into account.


My money's on a January/February release.

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I'll buy now. I don't care if it's not released until 2007, I'll still buy now. And I own a 60CS. I'll buy the first day they're available. This is the holy grail folks.

Actually, for me the holy grail would be the ability to save common searches (you know, like Starbucks) :rolleyes: But I'd settle for one of those (and I have a CS too)

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Well, they're actually just repeating what was said on Basspro and here. There's no new information there. Wish there was, though!

Agreed. But Darrel's (of tvnav.com) earlier comments from Garmin indicating a planned CES product announcement in early January seemed like pretty solid confirmation of the reality of these products. Unfortunately it also indicates that we probably won't see any shipments until sometime next year (I'd guess April?) since Garmin wouldn't want to miss the Christmas sales season if they actually had the new versions ready to ship.

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Actually the 60CS has never let me down. It loses satellite reception sometimes but it has never been a practical problem. I have to use an external antenna in the city though, on the roof of my car, but that's ok, works fine.


The 56mb memory limit has never been a practical problem for me, yet. It can f.ex. store 56*700km²=39.200km² of topographic maps (Norwegian Topokart), and that's a lot.


The x-models will most likely receive better satellite signals, including WAAS/EGNOS/GAGAN/MSAS, and f.ex. the 60CSx with 512mb microSD card stores 9 times more maps than the 60CS. For a geocacher a better position calculation is a good thing but sometimes a bad position calculation gives an extra excitement in the search.


Now I can place my 60CS in the car, permantenly with external antenna and use a x-model outdoors, or vice versa if I'm going on vacation in Europe or US. Or should I continue to use my 60CS outdoors and optionally install a dedicated unit with some gigabytes of memory in my car?

For me the first option is the best, but the 60CS will be used to motivate my children to geocache, as a gift. Recruitement is important, and fun.


Has the memory limit or the satellite receiver in your GPSr ever been a practical problem, just to make a survey?

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Item available January 10th., 2006.

It'd be nice, but I wouldn't put much faith in the Bass Pro estimate without knowing if it's been blessed by Garmin. Since Garmin still hasn't made any official product announcement I'd be surprised to see any shipping that soon.

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i'm flaunting my ignorance here, but i'd like to upgrade my damaged vista c to the cx when it comes out--i agree, it looks like perfection (for me anyway). my questions concern garmin's maps. i already own topo and city select mapping software, but if it is "unlocked," can it be used on a different gps if i were to upgrade to the cx (or even a new vista c)? for that matter, is it possible to download it to more than one computer in my house? what happens if i buy a new computer, or i'd like to install the software on my work computer? thanks for any insight anyone cares to share here, i've actually been wondering about this for a while! ;)

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i already own topo and city select mapping software, but if it is "unlocked," can it be used on a different gps if i were to upgrade to the cx (or even a new vista c)? for that matter, is it possible to download it to more than one computer in my house?

There isn't a problem loading any of Garmin's map software on multiple computers, such as on your home PC, work PC, and a laptop for travel.


Your second question concerns the restrictions of unlock codes on use with more than one GPS receiver. Your US Topo maps aren't 'locked' anyway, so there isn't any issue with those. The CitySelect maps are locked and you would need to get an additional unlock code to use them with a new Garmin receiver, such as a Vistac/cx. But your second unlock code is available free from Garmin. Their rule is that you can use any 'locked' software product with up to two GPS receivers.

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I have had mapping GPSrs (iQue 3600) from Garmin break and go back for service. In return I got a refurbished unit in the return mail. Under these circumstances Garmin provided a new unlock code. So if your VistaC is dead and you send it to Garmin for repair/replacement, then you can expect Garmin's service department to provide you with a new code with the repaired unit. How you get them to upgrade to a Cx at the same time for a nominal fee, that I don't know. But it would not surprise me if they would do that (once the units are actually available). I have found Garmin to be very reasonable in the service department. They know that geocachers are good customers who are likely to be repeat customers.

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